Inauguration of Thane-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus(Kurla) 5th 6th New Lines on April-10,2011

Pictures of the inauguration of the Thane - LTT 5th and 6th lines on 10th April 2011.

IRFCAians Vijay Aravamudhan, Arzan Kotval, Deep Soni, Tushar Dhake, Sriram S, Nikhil Karunakaran, and Rajendra Aklekar had caught snaps, covering the inauguration of the new 5th 6th lines between LTT and Thane. The snaps feature the 1st trains to arrive at LTT and 1st train to leave LTT, and snaps taken at Bhandup and Mulund featuring trains zipping past on new lines.

Date: 2011-04-11
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Seen here is the Remodelled layout of LTT lines joining the 5th 6th lines. This is facing Ghatkopar end, taken from the FOB at VVH station. The LTT UP n DN lines branchout from the 5th 6th lines. The rest of 5th 6th lines are terminated abruptly, as these


OHE Van working on the OHE for new lines, before opening them formally. (Deep Soni)


After removing old Track linkings and mapping LTT lines to new 5th 6th lines, the track equipments take some rest at Vidyavihar stn (Deep Soni)


The concrete trnout sleepers for linking the LTT lines into 3rd 4th lines, have now been removed and kept above the old alignment track. Seen here is WCAM3 with an exp train, in the morning time. (Deep Soni)


Prelude to Inauguration of Thane-LTT 5th 6th new lines - 4 empty rakes with 4 ACDC locos stabled and waiting at Mulund Goods yard sidings-WCAG-1 21971 with 0156 BSB-LTT holiday spl, WCAM-3 21942 with 12172 Haridwar-LTT AC Exp, WCAM-3 with Darbhanga-


Prelude to Thane-LTT 5th 6th lines Inauguration - Mulund freight yard was used as siding lines for 4 empty rakes. (Nikhil Karunakaran)


Effect of MegaBlock at VidyaVihar and LTT on April-10,2011 - All 5 sidings of Mulund Goods yard occupied. 2 empty rakes, A freighter, and then another 2 empty rakes. Focusing on left side of freighter (Harshad Joshi)


Effect of MegaBlock at VidyaVihar and LTT on April-10,2011 - All 5 sidings of Mulund Goods yard occupied. 2 empty rakes, A freighter, and then another 2 empty rakes. Focusing on right side of freighter (Harshad Joshi)


Prelude to LTT-Thane 5th 6th lines Inauguration - 1st train to go on pf 8 onwards to LTT - 13201 Rajendra Nagar-LTT languishing since long for clearance (Nikhil Karunakaran)


Prelude to Inauguration of LTT-TNA 5th 6th lines - Usual LTT-VSKP, but today (DR)-VSKP with offlink UBL WDG4 12126, speeds up at Thane outer. Also seen is a 9car DC EMU stabled at Thane siding. CR has officially announced that only 12car EMUs would ply on


Twin WDG4's with Palindromic Loco 12121 in lead, pulls the Boxn Rake from Vidyavihar Freight Yard to 3rd Main Line. Freight yard is still mapped to older 3rd 4th lines only. (Tushar Dhake)


Track Laying Machine and KYN WDG3A 13638 at VidyaVihar. Older alignment in focus, facing Thane end. (Tushar Dhake)


Here it is...KYN WCAM3 21961 being anxiously invited as 13201 Patna - LTT Express is the first train to enter LTT by the newly opened sixth line. Post inaugurating and garlanding the 1st train on 6th line, to LTT, the train was allowed to proceed. You can


KYN WCAM3 21961 with the 1st train - RajendraNagar-LTT exp arrives on 6th line and was made to wait at VidyaVihar outer or rather LTT outer, and Sr Rly officials broke coconut and garlanded this loco, and then was allowed to proceed into LTT. Lots of crow


And the Switch set for the 1st train from LTT towards Thane to roll on the 5th DN line. I just saw the switch moving with motors making sounds, and captured it. (Vijay Aravamudhan)

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Dear Srinivas, Definitely NO. They are still under 150V DC. Its not possible to convert them as of now.
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2011 Apr 21 15:56:51 +0100
Are these two new lines electrified on 25 KV AC ??
Posted by S. Srinivas on 2011 Apr 21 15:10:52 +0100
Good coverage of the event. Thanks for sharing and will visit this place as soon as possible now.
Posted by Chaitanya Gokhale on 2011 Apr 20 11:00:49 +0100