Inaugural Run of Sealdah Puri Duranto

Sealdah Puri Duronto was inaugurated with a lot of Fanfare on Sunday 12th Feb 2012. As usual IRFCA made it's presence felt with Avishek Basu and Trayambak Ojha reporting the occasion through their lenses. This is historic as the first ICF Sleeper Duronto taking the Bhattanagr-Andul byepass into South Eastern Railway

Date: 2012-02-12
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Just as we entered Sealdah Station the Newbie was decorated with finesse. The loco which got thee honors of hauling the first ICF/RCF Sleeper Duronto was HWH WAP-4#22405 (Trayambak Ojha)


The loco looked like a newly married bride with floral decorations. Howrah shed would be taking care of the loco allotments for this train (Trayambak Ojha)


Loco pilots, Chief Loco Inspector and other Loco trip shed staff were totally engrossed in the loco doing all sorts of checks and completing documenting formalities (Trayambak Ojha)


The loco seemed revel in it glory and decoration (Avishek Basu)


There was a bevy of staff inspecting the loco in an out. This seemed to be a freshly POH'ed loco and was shining bright (Trayambak Ojha)


The Sleeper coaches of the Duronto from outside with the name boards and the coach markings (Trayambak Ojha)


There was a strong presence of GM, AGM ER amongst other GM's office staff. They were giving very strong instructions about the operation of the train in specific to the Pantry Car contracter and the staff (Trayambak Ojha)


Though the entire rake was 2011 series rake, only the Pantry Car was out of place. It was a 96 made pantry with a typical navy blue livery at the ends compared to the other coaches which were sky blue painted at the ends behind the Duronto vinyl (Trayamba


A look at the interiors of the Sleeper coaches of the Duronto. All the coaches were 2011 manufactured brand new stock (Avishek Basu)


Another look at the seats of Sleeper coaches which looked really elegant, comfortable which also had a the luxury of charging points. (Avishek Basu)


There was a grand hoopla function also held at the end of Platform 9A of Sealdah Station which was telecasted live on an LCD TV at the same platform (Trayambak Ojha)


Another first for Mamta Didi's home territory! Something which I always thought was logical. Presenting India's first ICF/RCF Non-LHB Sleeper Duronto. 22201- Sealdah-Puri Duronto (Trayambak Ojha)


An aisle view of the Third AC coach of the Sealdah Puri Duronto (Avishek Basu)


A look at the interiors of the 3A coach of the train. It looked regular like a normal Express train 3A coach. 2A coaches were similar. (Avishek Basu)


The TTE of the AC coaches posed very smartly with arrogance in front of his train. Each and every staff was very proud of this train (Trayambak Ojha)

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Good presentation.
Posted by Sriram SN on 2012 Feb 20 15:21:40 +0000
P4 is decorated like a chariot!! simply superb!!
Posted by Ashwin Gandhi on 2012 Feb 18 08:45:08 +0000
Nice coverage.
Posted by Chitrarth Parghi on 2012 Feb 18 07:33:30 +0000