Reincarnation of WAM1 20202 Jagjivan Ram

In November 2009 Asansol Electric Loco Shed, Eastern Railway took on an almost impossible challenge - To celebrate the glorious 50 years of A.C. Electric Traction in India, through a project to revive the first alternating current passenger locomotive of India, the WAM1 20202 Jagjivan Ram, to full working order.

The Work started on 2009.12.02 with around 30 dedicated staff working day and night to make the dream in reality. It was a daunting task to begin with and became even more challenging as no spare parts of this locomotive were available and as it was badly damaged by the nature sitting out in the open since 1997.10.22

However, the dedication of shed staff overcame all the barriers and the project was successfully completed on 2009.12.27 with a successful trial run conducted on 2009.12.28 from Asansol to Durgapur and back with speeds reaching up to 80 KMPH. The Locomotive is capable of hauling 10-12 coaches at a maximum speed of 100 KMPH max and this overhaul has extended its working life by another 10 years.

Date: 2010-12-09
Owner: Gallery Administrator
Size: 27 items

On 2009.11.13 WAM1 20202 “Jagjivan Ram” arrived at Asansol Electric Loco Shed all the way from National Rail Museum.


Work started with the removal of rooftop to analyze the damage.


The Driving panel as it was. ()


This is where Loco pilot used to sit.


Cranes are fitted to lift top frame. ()


Under carriage and top frame is being separated. ()


The Internal components are being taken out. ()


The locomotive cab is being worked upon.


Every individual component is being cleaned and repaired by hand. ()


Working hard to make the dream true. ()


Its time now for the under frame work. ()


Its time for the foundation makeup. ()


Getting a fresh coat of primer and paint.


The loco is painted with hi gloss paint keeping the old and original livery in mind. ()


The Components are re assembled. ()

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Great work by ASN and the photographer who covered this. It is high time now that a few other older loco classes are restored.
Posted by Samar on 2010 Dec 15 19:57:22 +0000
Great Job have done a superb job.

And hats off to those people who have made this impossible thing to possible. Three CHEERS for ASN SHED.
Posted by Avishek Basu on 2010 Dec 11 13:00:33 +0000
@Satish Gune.... I second your sentiment. MGS and LKO should something about that WDM4.
Posted by Aseem Johri on 2010 Dec 10 23:14:06 +0000