Mumbai ACfication - DC to AC conversion of Borivali - Vile Parle Section

Coverage of the DC to AC conversion of Borivali - Vile Parle section by Mumbai members. Diesels had a field day on WR due to unavailability of OHE supply. It was a welcome change as WR Mumbai is an electric stronghold.
Date: 13 November 2011.

Date: 2011-11-14
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Top view of light WCAM-1 #21832 with its DC panto raised. This sight is now a thing of the past. The loco was waiting on platform 6A at BVI. This was one of the last few electric loco movements at Borivali under DC. (Akshay Marathe)

NZ on up harbour.

Neutral zone on up harbour line at Vile parle. (Apoorva Karlekar)

Bhuj-Bandra Kutch exp with RTM WDM3a#16160

RTM WDM-3A #16160 hauls the Kutch express towards BDTS. (Apoorva Karlekar)


VTA WDG-3A #13527 hauls the rake of Valsad Fast Passenger that was being used as Vasai-Mumbai Central Shuttle towards Mumbai Central. Location: Borivali (Aadil Shaikh)


An MRVC EMU was stabled dead at pf 7 of BVI. The overhead wires were de-energized. (Aadil Shaikh)


An OHE inspection van heads towards Kandivali . The same van was seen during the conversion of VR-BVI slow lines at the Dahisar NZ. Location: Borivali. (Aadil Shaikh)


VTA WDG-3A #13460 brings in the rake of BKN-DDR along with the dead WCAM-1. Location: Borivali (Aadil Shaikh)

BGKT WDP-4 20098 with UDZ,AII-DADAR Express

WDP-4 #20098 ready to depart from Andheri with the AII/UDZ-BDTS express in tow. (Pratik Joshi)


A prized catch! BGKT WDP-4 #20098 approaches Vile Parle hauling the 2996 AII/UDZ-BDTS express. (Aadil Shaikh)


At 2.40 pm, WCAM-1 #21839, the trial loco for down fast line passes through Vile Parle. (Akshay Marathe)


A view of the spot which has all the neutral zones at Vile Parle (Vivek Manvi)


Yet another unexpected spotting - GOC WDP-3A #15535 brings in late running Sayaji nagari express. Good old Vallabh is piggybacking the DP-3A. (Vivek Manvi)


A few minutes after the WCAM-1, its time for another trial movement. Its rake #2113 working as the down slow line trial. (Akshay Marathe)


EMU trial run on up harbour line, caught at the NZ. Rake number 1175 does the honours. (Aadil Shaikh)


WCAM-2 #21869 approaches Vile parle. It was the trial loco for STA (suburban traffic avoiding) line. (Akshay Marathe)

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A momentous event has been made memorable by recording the same in these photographs by the IRFCA members of Mumbai.
Posted by S. Srinivas on 2011 Nov 23 05:29:17 +0000
A wonderfully crafted album. Thanks to all those involved.
Posted by Shirish Paranjape on 2011 Nov 22 21:08:58 +0000
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Diesel's Day Out !
How i wish the 2951 was hauled with Twin Ratlams for just one day till BVI, if not BRc :-)
Kudos to you Bombay rail nuts! You guys should've actually taken a contract with WR for the coverage! You've actually taken pain...
Posted by Colin Peter on 2011 Nov 20 05:07:21 +0000