Deccan Queen's Anniversary Celebration...1st June 2011

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Date: 2011-05-31
Owner: Sachin Buddhisagar
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Deccan Queen depart bang on time from Pune with Decoratered KYN WCAM 3 # 21957 (Raj Bhavsar)


Here is the birthday girl depart in her style. (Raj Bhavsar)

DQ 007

Her majesty gets shunted by a WDS-6 on its regular platform number 1 at Pune. (CG)

DQ 015

Media reporter films the train as it enters Pf # 1.

DQ 027

Typical photo of a WCAM-3 coming in to attach the Deccan Queen on Pf # 1. (CG)

DQ 061

The only and only media person exits the loco's cab after filming the LP's interview. (CG)

DQ 057

12123 Down DQ saw no celebration what so ever at Mumbai CSTM. Just 1 media person went into the cab and took a short interview which was shown on ETV Channel. Apart from that there were no special things as they were 2 years ago. Last year , 12123 saw a c


And.... She was received at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. :-) (Sriram S)


Birthday queen between Shivajinagar & Khadki. (Lalam)


The Queen stands tall as it gets pampered. (Bhushan Kale)


Entering 82nd Year. Long Live the Queen. (Bhushan Kale)


The LP being felicitated just before he can take charge of the Queen. (Bhushan Kale)


Negotiating the Diva curve. (Bhushan Kale)


Poster being displayed in all the coaches of DQ. (Bhushan Kale)


Negotiating a curve in the Bhore ghats. (Bhushan Kale)

Pune gang never ever misses this day at all.. Kudos to Pune Gang for covering this occasion every year in greater detail. Even the official website of CR while listing the list of CR long distance trains, states - "Deccan Queen - Pride of Cental Railway"
Posted by Vijay Aravamudhan on 2011 Jun 01 05:45:35 +0100
Quite a ceremony...Does any other train witness such celebrations?
Posted by Milind on 2011 Jun 01 04:44:05 +0100