Coverage Of Mumbai Central and Kandivali Emu Car Shed

Photographs inside the shed of MRVC, 9xx series AC – DC Emu, brand new Siemens rake fit for 130kph, DC EMU, Ohe Van etc. taken with photography permit from concerned authorities.

Shared by IRFCAins Arzan Kotwal and Amit Patel.

Date: 2011-05-30
Owner: Gallery Administrator
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Cleaning work

Glass cleaning work for Driver cab. (Amit Patel)

Rakes in Mahalaxmi EMU shed from North end

Everyone is busy in their duty assigned for each rake. Some of them are also wanted to know, what are we up to. :) (Amit Patel)

Mahalaxmi EMU shed from BCT South end (different angle)

Rakes in Mahalaxmi EMU shed from BCT South end with different angle. (Amit Patel)

Latest Rake # 1181 (suspension)

Zoom shot of worker handling suspension work. No-one in car shed have idea about new Bolster-less suspension. So first they will be getting training for that and then train will hit track fr its super trail run of 130 Kmph. (Amit Patel)

Latest Rake # 1181

Shed worker working hard to complete fitting work in new rake. One can easily find difference in old but still young MRVC and new shinning Bolster-less suspension rake. (Amit Patel)

Latest Rake # 1181 (wide angle)

Wide angle shot for worker doing fitting work. According to them it takes 10 days for train to reach Mumbai from Chennai. On its run during sodding of this train or in yard somewhere, accessories get stolen if fitted earlier. Hence they fit all accessorie

Bolster-less suspension

Bolster-less suspension for higher speed similar to LHB Rajdhani rake. This is fitted to reach speed of 130 Kmph (Amit Patel)

Air suspension

Air suspension which is fit for 100 Kmph. (Amit Patel)

Latest MRVC Rake for 130 Kmph

Train number 105 of the new batch of white-and purple MRVC-Siemens rakes-which was rolled out of the ICF Chennai factory will take test run in WR soon for 130 kmph testing. It will be the first rake in Mumbai to have bolster-less suspension and a higher s

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Nice work !!!
Posted by Jayasankar Madhavadas on 2011 Jun 10 13:26:01 +0100
Amazing coverage,Arzan and Amit..Keep up the good work...!!!
Posted by Nikhil Padinjaroot Karunakaran on 2011 Jun 04 05:25:44 +0100
Excellent coverage of WR carshed!!! nice pics!!!
Posted by Bhaveen Patel on 2011 Jun 03 20:40:28 +0100