Breda built Electric Multiple Units (EMUs)

In 1956 Italian firm Ernesto Breda built broad (5'6" or 1676mm) and meter gauge EMUs for Central and Southern Railway of India. These units were deployed on the Central and Southern Railway suburban networks around Bombay (now Mumbai), Poona (now Pune) and Madras (now Chennai). The images are through the courtesy of Alessandro Albè, Dairago, Italy

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1956 Elettrotreno Breda India3

In 1956 Italian firm Ernesto Breda had built EMUs for suburban system of Central Railway.Seen here a “half set” on display in Milano fair in 1956.

1956 Bombay

Another view of the “half set” on display in Milano fair in 1956. Breda built 24 broad gauge rakes consisting of four car sets, two being power cars, for Central Railway to be used on Bombay (Mumbai) and Poona (Pune) suburban systems.

Frotale Bombay 1955

Front view of No. 103 with `Poona' destination board. Note the various gauges.

Carrello Bombay 1958

A broad gauge 5'6" bogie being unloaded from a wagon for further shipment by sea. The wheel arrangement was Bo'Bo'- 2'2' + 2'2'- Bo'Bo'. These EMUs were air braked and had roller bearings.

inbarco Bombay a Trieste 1958

A finished EMU trailing car shell is seen being loaded, probably at Trieste port', for onward journey by sea.

Bombay 1955

Breda Ferroviaria also built six meter gauge EMU sets consisting for four cars each for Southern Railway to be used in Madras (Chennai). Broad gauge train sets ready for shipment are seen here on temporary `standard gauge' bogies.