Central Railway's 1st ever 25000V AC Retrofitted 12CAR EMU, made out of 1500V DC EMU. This emu has been retrofitted by the Sanpada EMU Carshed of CR. 9 more such rakes are going to be retrofitted. Unlike WR retrofitted motor coach, where WR installed the HT compartment, in between the coach, thus dividing the commuting space into 2, CR has smartly included all the HT compartments in one section, by closing just one window space. That way, no seperation of commuting space. This rake is planned to be sent to Pune soon, replacing the Ex WR retroAC EMU 3001-04 which is due for POH. (Vijay Aravamudhan)

Date: 2013-07-31
Owner: Vijay Aravamudhan
Full size: 800x450

Posted by Arzan Kotval on 2013 Aug 11 13:05:55 +0100
Show this rake at Pune in yard on Friday 02-Aug-13.
Posted by Amit Patel on 2013 Aug 03 19:17:56 +0100