This is a photo of WAP4 model created by me with the help of my brother using autodesk 3ds max modelling software. Sorry for the mistakes especially the road number and also for the poor quality of the photo. (muzzammil)

Date: 2009-05-28
Owner: Guest
Full size: 1000x750

Ist sight of this picture made me hink that it is a WAP4 original. Very nice work. Looks so real.
Posted by Vimalakar N C on 2009 Jun 01 12:39:32 +0100
yes, I also suggest you to develop msts models. It will be really very great. You have done a really great job here. It looks real. Just imaging how it would look if the engine is used for msts
Posted by N.Prakash Prasad (guest) on 2009 May 29 08:11:10 +0100
Nice piece of art. The model looks very realistic. Why don't you join as a crew member for Indian MSTS.
Posted by Sachin Yadav (guest) on 2009 May 28 18:12:08 +0100
u also do the same job in pro-e and catia.
Posted by deepak verma (guest) on 2009 May 28 15:47:29 +0100
Your recent paintings/models are lovely .. May be you should develop some addons for IR MSTS along with Gaurav Virdi..
Posted by Ashwanth (guest) on 2009 May 28 13:30:12 +0100