DHR Locomotives

by David Churchill

Darjeeling Himalayan Railay locomotive list as of January 1998. Also see the Complete List of DHR Steam Locomotives, including scrapped and preserved locomotives, by Harsh Vardhan.

Section 1: Locomotives ready for work, January 1998

Loco no. and Name Year built Boiler no. Builders
779 'Himalayan Bird' 1889 38/L/NG 18(9*)58 Sharp Stewart, Glasgow
780 'Mountaineer' 1892 22/L/NG 18(9*)28 Sharp Stewart, Glasgow
Rebuilt Tindharia
782 1899 7/L/NG 1939 Sharp Stewart, Glasgow
786 1904 16/L/NG 1914 North British, Glasgow
787 1913 6/L/NG 1913 North British, Glasgow
788 1913 5/L/NG 1928 North British, Glasgow
791 1914 24/L/NG 1917 North British, Glasgow
792 1917 39/L/NG 1926 Baldwin, USA
794 1917 36/L/NG 1961 Baldwin, USA
795 1919 37/L/NG 1962 Tindharia
802 1927 12/L/NG 1944 North British, Glasgow
804 1928 32/L/NG 1928 North British, Glasgow
806 'Queen of the Hills' 1928 33/L/NG 1928 North British, Glasgow
805 1928 27/L/NG 1926 North British, Glasgow

Source: Information above provided by David Churchill. The data appeared in the Darjeeling Mail, February 1998, and is believed to have been copied from a board at Tindharia works.

Note: (*) The original list shows the digit '8', and is assumed to be an error for the digit '9'.

Note: Some of the dates do not agree exactly with those provided by other sources.

Section 2: New oil-fired locomotives from Golden Rock

Recently the Southern Railways' Golden Rock Workshops (the premier loco restoration facility on IR) have been working on new, indigenously designed oil-fired replacement locos for the DHR. These locos have also been designated 'B' class locos, although they do have significant differences internally and also look different from the outside.

These locos besides being oil-fired have many other modifications to the original 'B' class design such as preheating arrangements for the feed water (the improvements include electric auxiliary equipment (compressors) and the like which steam purists may disapprove of!). Three locos are said to have been manufactured between 2003 and 2004, although so far [9/04] only two have been placed in service. A third (#1003) is to be built and experiments to be carried out, with a Ffestionog Railway designed gravity-fed burner.

Loco no. and Name Year built Boiler no. Builders
1001 'Himrathi' 2004   Golden Rock Workshops
1002 'Himanand' 2004   Golden Rock Workshops