Altered Trains

Compilation by various authors

Adapted from an initial compilation by Samar, Sep 14, 2002. Updates added by Sagar Tipnis, KBP, and several other IRFCA members, Dec. 2003.

Trains whose routes, names, etc., have changed since their introduction. This list focuses mainly on northern trains. Additions and corrections are welcome.

Appendix - Notes on changes to some trains by Vijay Balasubramanian, from a 1991 IRFCA post.

  1. 1013/14 Kurla-Bangalore Exp. changed to LTT Kurla-Coimbatore. The train was extended to Coimbatore via the converted BG line (Bangalore-Hosur-Salem).
  2. 1015/16 Kushinagar Exp. Lucknow (LJN) - CST Mumbai changed to Gorakhpur - CST Mumbai and now to Gorakhpur-LTT Kurla. This train replacedthe old Bombay-Bhopal Janata Express which itself had been extended toLucknow as the Bombay-Lucknow Janata Exp.
  3. 1161/62 Lashkar Exp. Dadar-Gwalior extended to Agra Cantt., then changed to LTT Kurla-Agra Cantt. as superfast 2161/62.
  4. 1107/08 Bundelkhand Exp. Varanasi-Jhansi changed to Varanasi-Gwalior.
  5. 1447/48 Shaktipunj Exp. Howrah-Singrauli changed to Howrah-Jabalpur.
  6. 2001/02 Shatabdi Exp. New Delhi-Jhansi changed to New Delhi-Bhopal.
  7. 2133/34 Pushpak Exp. which used to be the 1033/34 train. Many trains were made superfasts in the 1990s and their numbers were changed as a result.This train's old number is still used by the 1033/34 Pune-Darbhanga Exp.
  8. 2179/80 Taj Exp. H. Nizamuddin-Agra Cantt. changed to H. Nizamuddin-Gwalior.
  9. 2311/12 Kalka Mail. This used to run between Delhi (DLI) and Howrah in the 1960s. Although Delhi is no longer its terminus, it has an unusuallylong halt of 2 hours there now.
  10. 2433/34 Madras Rajdhani. The train was the only SR Rajdhani earlier, bearing the numbers 2633/34.
  11. 2473/74 Sarvodaya Exp. Ahmedabad-New Delhi changed to Ahmedabad-Jammu Tawi.
  12. 2553/54 Vaishali Exp. was an MG train running between Lucknow (LJN) and Barauni. After gauge conversion the New Delhi-Muzaffarpur Jayanti Janata train was given the name Vaishali Exp.; it later changed to run between New Delhi and Barauni.Much earlier, a train named Vaishali ran between Kathgodam and Siliguri (later changed to Siliguri-Barauni).
  13. 2617/18 Mangala Exp. H. Nizamuddin-Mangalore (via Bhopal, Itarsi, Nagpur, Vijayawada, Jolarpettai, and Shoranur) was re-routed via Itarsi, Kalyan, and the Konkan Railway, and also extended to Ernakulam to help passengers from Shoranur / Calicut.
  14. 2725/26 Bangalore-Hubli Exp. Earlier, it was a Shatabdi.
  15. 2779/80 Goa Exp. H. Nizamuddin-Londa changed to H. Nizamuddin-Castle Rock and then to H. Nizamuddin-Vasco da Gama.
  16. 2903/04 Golden Temple Mail (Mumbai Central - Amritsar) was the Frontier Mail earlier. Of course the Frontier Mail had a long history and used to go all theway up to Peshawar before partition (see /faq/faq-seltrain.html).
  17. 3007/08 Toofan Exp. Howrah-Delhi (DLI) changed to Howrah-Sriganganagar. Its name also changed so it became the Udyan Abha Toofan Exp.
  18. 3019/20 Bagh Exp. Howrah - Luckknow (LJN) changed to Howrah-Kathgodam
  19. 3307/08 Ganga Sutlej Exp. Dhanbad-Ludhiana changed to DHN-Firozpur. Its previous name was Kisan Exp.
  20. 3413/14/83/84 Farakka Exp. Its old name was the Ganga Jamuna Exp. It started off running Delhi (DLI) - Varanasi and then to Bhiwani-Varanasi and now it runs up to Malda Town.
  21. 4163/64 Sangam Exp. Allahabad-Dehradun changed to Allahabad-Meerut. Its route was shortened, a rare occurrence.
  22. 4269/70 Triveni Exp. Lucknow-Chopan changed to Lucknow-Singrauli.
  23. 4311/12 Ala Hazrat Exp. Bareily-Ajmer changed to Bareily-New Bhuj.
  24. 4511/12 Nauchandi Exp. Allahabad-Meerut changed to Allahabad-Saharanpur, replacing the old Saharanpur-Allahabad Fast Passenger.
  25. 4649/50 Sarayu Yamuna Exp. this train was started between Delhi (DLI) and Varanasi via Faizabad. It was then extended till Darbhanga, and later yetto Amritsar. It dosen't even touch Varanasi now, and goes via the Shahganj-Chappra converted BG route to Darbhanga. See below, Shaheed Express, for more.
  26. 4673/74 Shaheed Exp. Delhi (DLI) - Gorakhpur changed to Delhi-Muzaffarpur and then to Delhi-Darbhanga. It now goes between Amritsar and Darbhanga.This train and the Sarayu-Yamuna Exp. (above) were extended to Amritsarby merging with the Delhi-Amritsar Flying Mail which used to share rakeswith these trains.
  27. 4853/54/63/64 Marudhar Exp. It was an MG NER train and ran between Lucknow (LJN) - Jodhpur via Kasganj, Mathura, and Jaipur. It is now run as a BG NR train between Varanasi and Jodhpur after conversion of the Mathura-Jodhpur MG section.
  28. 5007/08 Gorakhnath Exp. Lucknow (LJN) - Gorakhpur changed to Lucknow (LJN) - Manduadih.
  29. 5011/12 Raptisagar Exp. Gorakhpur-Cochin changed to Gorakhpur-Trivandrum.
  30. 5045/46 Ahmedabad-Gwalior Exp. changed to Ahmedabad - Lucknow (LJN) and later to Ahmedabad-Gorakhpur. Most recently this train was extended beyond Ahmedabad to Okha.
  31. 5063/64 Avadh Exp. This started between Lucknow-Kota as an NR train and was extended till Ratlam. It then went between Gorakhpur and Ratlam and now goes up to Bandra. Twice a week it also goes up to Muzaffarpur as 5263/64. This train has on connection to the Gorakhpur - Lucknow (LJN) Avadh Express which seems to have simply disappeared.
  32. 5089/90 Exp. This used to run twice a week between Gorakhpur and Secunderabad earlier. It was extended to Bangalore as 5091/92 (once a week) on 1-Oct-1997.
  33. 5105/06 Kashi Exp. Varanasi-Asansol changed to Manduadih-Baidhyanathdham.
  34. 5159/60 Sarnath Exp. Durg-Varanasi changed to Durg-Chappra. This used to be an NR train.
  35. 5217/18/19/20 These were NR trains between LTT Kurla and Varanasi and were extended to Muzaffarpur/Darbhanga after the conversion of Allahabad-Varanasi NER MG track to BG.
  36. 5223/24 Jhansi-Gorakhpur Mail changed to Gwalior-Chappra and then to Gwalior-Barauni. It was a CR train earlier with the number 1143/44 (1043/44??). The number may be in use by another train now.
  37. 5315/16 Gokul Exp. from Lucknow (LJN) - Mathura changed to Gonda-Mathura and later to Gonda-Agra Fort (MG train).
  38. 5707/08 Amrapali Exp. was earlier an NER train, and is now an NFR train. It ran between Kanpur and Samatipur, was later extended to Barauni, then to Amritsar via Delhi (DLI) on the Kanpur side. It now runs between Amritsar and Katihar.
  39. 6217/18 Swarna Jayanti Exp. was started between H. Nizamuddin and Bangalore, and was extended up to Mysore within 3 months of its introduction.
  40. 6309/10 Patna-Cochin Exp. changed to Patna-Ernakulam.
  41. 6325/26 Ahilyanagari Exp. was an SCR (!) train earlier, and ran between Indore and Cochin, and now goes up to Trivandrum.
  42. 6327/28 Exp. was an SCR (!) train earlier and ran between Bilaspur and Cochin, and now goes upto Trivandrum.
  43. 6345/46 Netravathi Exp. went to Cochin/Mangalore from LTT Kurla, bifurcating at Shoranur. It now goes to Trivandrum. It goes through Mangalore but not Mangalore station; Kankanadi is now the halt for Mangalore-bounde passengers. This change was made after introduction of 2619/20 Matasyagandha Exp. (LTT Kurla-MAQ) on Konkan Railway.
  44. 7029/30 Sabari Exp. Hyderabad-Cochin changed to Hyderabad-Ernakulam.
  45. 7091/72 Varanasi-Tirupati Exp. changed to Varanasi-Secunderabad, which now runs between Patna and Secunderabad and doesent go to Tirupati any more.
  46. 7383/84 Maharashtra Exp. from Kolhapur-Nagpur changed to Kolhapur-Gondia.
  47. 7685/86 Exp. Bangalore-Kacheguda changed to Bangalore-Secunderabad and then back to Bangalore-Kacheguda. Old number was 7085/86. Now back yet again to Bangalore-Secunderabad with old number.
  48. 8101/02 Exp. This initially ran between Amritsar-Tatanagar, was then changed to run between Pathankot and Tatanagar, and now goes up to Jammu Tawi.
  49. 8237/38 Chattisgarh Exp. New Delhi-Bilaspur changed to Amritsar-Bilaspur.
  50. 8407/08 Hirakund Exp. H. Nizamuddin-Sambalpur changed to H. Nizamuddin-Bhubaneshwar.
  51. 8477/78 Kalinga Utkal Exp. H. Nizamuddin-Puri. There were two separate trains known as the Kalinga Exp. and the Utkal Exp. earlier, between H. Nizamuddin and Puri. These were merged into one train. For a brief period this train was extended to Amritsar, but this extension was withdrawn because of poor passenger response.
  52. 9165/66/67/68 Sabarmati Exp. which was started between Ahmedabad and Faizabad initially and went to Varanasi 2 days a week, now goes to Varanasi 4 days a week and the rest of the time goes to Muzaffarpur via the Shahganj-Chhappra line.
  53. Assam Mail - Both the MG and BG Assam Mails were replaced by the superfast Northeast Exp. in the 1980s when New Bongaigaon - Guwahati got a new BG line. The Mahananda Exp. is a train that has echoes of the old Assam Mail halt pattern. The Guwahati-Lucknow MG Express (NER) has been changed several times and the current MG train running between Rangapara North and Katihar (and beyond?) is perhaps the direct descendant of the original. The original route has been handled by the Avadh-Assam Express between Lucknow (LJN) and Guwahati since 1985 following gauge conversion in 1981; the Avadh-Assam is perhaps more properly considered a replacement for the Guwahati-Lucknow Avadh Tirhut Express of the past. The Avadh-Tirhut itself ran a shorter route Gorakhpur-Guwahati when gauge conversion was taking place, and was withdrawan later. The Avadh-Assam was later extended to Delhi.
  54. Tinsukia Mail - This was replaced by the Brahmaputra Mail.
  55. Upper India Exp. (Delhi-Sealdah) appears to have disappeared and perhaps replaced by the Sealdah-Mughalsarai Exp. via Jamalpur, now extended to run as the Sealdah-Varanasi Exp.
  56. 2003/04 Shatabdi Exp initially ran (or was announced?) between New Delhi and Kanpur but was extended almost immediately to Lucknow.
  57. 0111/12 Konkan Kanya Exp. ran between CSTM and Sawantwadi Rd (its initial few runs were from Kurla LTT). However, as the KR line got completed. it was extended to its intended destination, Madgaon.
  58. 6333/34 Express was introduced between Ahmedabad and Trivandrum, later extended to Rajkot. It ran on the ADI-BSR-KYN-PUNE-GTL-KJM-JTJ-PGT route, but on completion of KR, it was diverted to run through KR instead. A couple of years ago [2001?], it was further extended to Hapa.
  59. 6337/38 Express ran between Ahmedabad and Cochin. Later changed to Rajkot-Ernakulam to go by the Konkan Railway, and currently running between Okha and Ernakulam.
  60. 6221/22 Kaveri Exp ran as a day train between Bangalore and Mysore, but was extended to run as an overnight train between Chennai and Mysore.
  61. 6589/90 Rani Chenamma Exp earlier ran between Miraj and Bangalore. Now it has been extended beyond Miraj upto Kolhapur.
  62. 1003/04 Devgiri Exp was started as a train between Mumbai CST and Aurangabad by cancelling the overnight CSTM-Bhusaval Passenger. As the conversion of the Manmad-Kacheguda line progressed, the train was extended to Jalna, then Parbhani. Since the line through Parli-Vaijnath was converted to BG earlier, the train ran right up to Kacheguda from CSTM. However, when the other branch from Parbhani was converted, the run was curtailed, and diverted to Purna, and finally to Nanded. Recently, further progress in conversion has allowed the train to ply between CSTM and Nizamabad.
  63. 7617/18 Tapovan Exp ran between Mumbai CST and Parbhani. Later extended to Purna as BG conversion progressed, and currently runs upto Nanded.
  64. 2905/06 Express. Howrah-Hapa has been recently extended upto Porbandar.
  65. 3202/01 Patna-Kurla Exp is the successor of the LTT-Bhagalpur and LTT-Chhapra Janata Expresses. This train was introduced by curtailing the run of the above mentioned trains upto Patna, at the same time when Pawan Exp was extended beyond Varanasi upto Muzaffarpur via Chhapra, and the Dadar-Muzaffarpur Exp was replaced by Dadar-Bhagalpur Exp.
  66. 2983/84 JP-DURG Express and 6511/12 YPR-DURG Express recently extended upto Bilaspur.
  67. 9367/68 Malwa Express. Indore-Nizamuddin changed to Indore-Jammutawi.
  68. 9569/70 Express. Ahmedabad-Varanasi (old no. 9169/70) changed to Okha-Varanasi.
  69. 9601/02 Sayajinagari Express between Bandra Terminus and Vadodara was extended to Gandhidham by amalgamating with the Vadodara-Gandhidham Exp. Recently, it has been further extended to New Bhuj.
  70. 9031/32 Kutch Exp from Mumbai Central and 1091/92 Exp from Pune extended upto New Bhuj after gauge conversion of the Gandhidham-New Bhuj section.
  71. 9113/14 Jammutawi-Amritsar Exp extended up to Firozpur via Jalandhar City, Kapurthala.
  72. 3351/52 is the new no. of the 8189/90 Allepey-Bokaro Exp when it was extended up to Dhanbad.
  73. 9503/04 Intercity Exp. Initially started as Ahmadabad-Rajkot Exp, was later extended beyond Rajkot to Hapa and then to Jamnagar. Now it has been extended in the other direction to make it Surat-Jamnagar Express.
  74. 58 Up / 59 Dn Amritsar - Dadar Exp. initially from Pathankot - Jalandhar Cantt. - Ludhiana - Ambala - New Delhi - Bhopal - Bhusawal - Manmad - Dadar. It was popularly termed the Pathankot Exp. In the 1960s the train was changed to originate from Amritsar. Later in the 1990s the train was routed via Ludhiana - Dhuri - Patiala - Rajpura - Ambala instead of the trunk route. The scheduled times at Ambala were unchanged, so that the train had to leave Amritsar early by about 90 minutes. To this day, some passengers refer to this train as the Pathankot Express.
  75. 2069/70 Jan Shatabdi Express. Raigarh-Durg changed to Raigarh-Dongargarh.
  76. Pashchim Express today is a direct descendant of the erstwhile 'AC Deluxe' Exp. between Amritsar and Mumbai. The Pashchim is still known by the name 'AC Deluxe' by its frequent passengers.
  77. Chandigarh Express between Kalka and Jodhpur started running between Chandigarh and Bhatinda. Later it was extended to Bikaner and then to Jodhpur.
  78. Shan-e-Punjab and the Himalayan Queen were the same train until the mid-1980s before they were given separate slots.
  79. Secunderabad-Vijayawada Krishna Exp. was extended to Guntur and later to Tirupati skipping Guntur.
  80. East Coast Exp. between Vijayawada and Howrah was extended to Guntur, later to Hyderabad.
  81. Tirumala Exp. started between Vijayawada and Tirupati, was extended to Kakinada and later extended to Vishakapatnam.
  82. Secunderabad Exp. started as an MG train between Secunderabad and Bangalore via Kurnool, and later became a BG train via Wadi and Raichur. It now runs on its original route.
  83. Venkatadri Exp between Secunderabad and Tirupati now runs between Guntakal and Pakala, while another BG route Venkatadri Exp. runs Tirupati-Kacheguda.
  84. Hyderabad-Chennai Exp. used to run via Kazipet and Vijayawada, before being diverted through Nadikude and Guntur. The Narsapur and Sabari Expresses had similar diversions.
  85. Tirupati-Varanasi Exp. was changed to run Varanasi-Secunderabad and was later extended to Patna.
  86. Konark Exp. between Secunderabad and Bhubaneshwar was extended to Mumbai.
  87. Vishaka Exp. originally ran Secunderabad and Vishakapatnam and was extended to Palasa and later to Bhubaneshwar.
  88. Tirupati-Cuddapah Intercity was extended up to Guntakal and became an ordinary passenger train.
  89. Bokaro Exp. has been extended many times from its original route. Details?
  90. Secunderabad-Bidar Manjira Exp., was converted to an ordinary passenger train and extended to Purna (Auranagabad?).
  91. The Hyderabad-Pune Exp. had its route shortened to Solapur.
  92. The Nagarjuna Exp. started between Secunderabad and Vijayawada, and was extended Guntur and later to Tenali.
  93. 6121/6122 Chennai Egmore - Kanyakumari Exp. started out as the 6721/6722 Chennai Central - Kanyakumari Exp. which used to run via Jolarpettai, Erode, Karur, Dindigul, Madurai, and Tenali (the first BG train to Madurai and points south). The train now runs through Villupuram and Tiruchirapalli.
  94. 49/50 Link Exp., from Shoranur to Cochin Harbour was originally the link portion of the 131/132 train; but a new day train was introduced between Cannanore and Cochin Harbour later, the Day Express, and given the same number 49/50. This was later extended to run between Mangalore and Trivandrum as the Parashuram Exp.
The Kerala and Karnataka Expresses

The KK (Karnataka-Kerala) Exp. was introduced in 1976 from New Delhi to Trivandrum and Bangalore, the train bifurcating at Jolarpettai. The train was later (1980?) split into two trains, the Kerala Exp. running New Delhi - Trivandrum and the Karnataka Exp. running New Delhi - Bangalore. The Kerala Exp. then split at Palghat with one portion going to Mangalore. The Karnataka later changed to take the Gooty-Secunderabad-Nagpur route. The Karnataka later ran with three different routes on different days of the week: through Renigunta and Vijayawada; through Wadi and Secunderabad; and through Wadi and Manmad.

The Kerala Exp. overlapped with the Jayanti Janata which bifurcated at Shoranur with one part of the train going to Cochin Harbour and the other to Mangalore. Later, these two trains were merged to form the Kerala Mangala Exp. Later yet (1990?), a separate train to Mangalore was introduced named the Mangala Exp. (Nagpur-Vijayawada-Coimbatore-Palghat-Shoranur). With the opening of Konkan Railway, the Mangala was renamed the Mangala-Lakshadweep Exp. and extended to to Ernakulam (Jhansi-Nasik-Panvel-Kankanadi-Calicut-Shoranur).

Originally the TN, AP, and KK (Karnataka-Kerala) Expresses were three trains sharing the same scheduling slot and much of their routes. After the KK was split into two trains, the Kerala and the Karnataka Expresses and the four trains were distributed in two scheduling slots, with the Kerala and Karnataka being in different slots. Later yet, each train got its own slot.

APPENDIX: Notes on changes to some trains ~1975-1990

By Vijay Balasubramanian, post to IRFCA, January 1991

  1. Bombay N.Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
    • Ratlam converted from a techincal to a passenger halt
    • Kota introduced as a passenger halt and Gangapur City removed.
    • Duration of halts at Vadodara and Ratlam increased Vadodara (from 7/10 to 10 mts.), Ratlam (from 10/12 to 20 mts.)
    • Frequency increased from bi-weekly to six days a week
    • No. of coaches doubled from 9 to 18 (double heading between Bombay and Ratlam)
    • Hauled by electric loco. between Ratlam and N. Delhi
    • AC 2-tier sleeper service introduced
    • Air-braking introduced in coaches
  2. Howrah N.Delhi Rajdhani Exp.
    • Mughal Sarai and Dhanbad converted from techincal to passenger halts
    • Frequency increased from bi-weekly to five days a week
    • No. of coaches increased from 8 to 18
    • Hauled by elec. loco. during the entire run
  3. Tamilnadu Exp. (N.Delhi-Madras)
    • increased halts at H.Nizamuddin (only towards N.Delhi), Gwalior, and Warangal
    • Itarsi added as a technical halt for loco. changeover
    • frequency increased to daily
    • no. of coaches increased to 21
    • electrically hauled in N.Delhi-Itarsi and Nagpur-Madras sections
    • Uniformity of color destroyed
    • converted from a one-night train to two-nights-and-a-day train
  4. Andhra Pradesh Exp. (N.Delhi-Secunderabad)
    • increased halts at H.Nizamuddin (towards N.Delhi), Gwalior, and Manchiryal
    • Itarsi added as a technical halt for loco. changeover
    • frequency increased to daily
    • no. of coaches increased to 21
    • electrically hauled in N.Delhi-Itarsi section
    • Blue-with-white-strip color destroyed
  5. Karnataka Exp. (compared to the earlier K.K. exp.)
    • route changed to via Itarsi-Bhusaval-Daund-Wadi-Guntakal-Bangalore City
    • increased halts at H.Nizamuddin(towards N.Delhi), Agra, Gwalior and Itarsi
    • frequency increased to daily
    • no. of coaches increased to 21
    • electrically hauled in N.Delhi-Itarsi section
    • Green-and-yellow color replaced by (more generic) Red-and-white color
    • Uniformity of color destroyed
  6. Kerala Exp. (compared to the earlier K.K. exp.)
    • increased halts at H.Nizamuddin(towards N.Delhi), Mathura, Agra, Gwalior, Itarsi, Wardha East, Ramagundam, Warangal, Gudur, Katpadi, Alwaye and Tiruvalla (because of the cancellation of the J.J. Exp.)
    • frequency increased to daily
    • no. of coaches increased to 21
    • electrically hauled in N.Delhi-Itarsi and Nagpur-Jollarpetai sections
    • Green-and-yellow color replaced by (more generic) Red-and-white color
    • Uniformity of color destroyed
  7. Grand Trunk Exp. (compared to version during early seventees)
    • increased halts at Vidisha, Pandhurna, Hingaghat, Manchiryal, Warangal, Khammam, and Chirala
    • Dhaulpur, Kazipet and Dornakal removed from halt list
    • Ghoradongri converted from catering to passenger halt
    • no. of coaches increased to 21
    • electrically hauled in N.Delhi-Itarsi and Nagpur-Madras sections
    • Green-and-yellow color replaced by (more generic) Red-and-white color
    • Uniformity of color destroyed
  8. Gitanjali Exp. (Bombay-Howrah)
    • increased halts at Dadar, Kalyan, Badnera, Gondia, Raipur, Bilaspur, Jharsuguda, and Kharagpur
    • Igatpuri converted from technical to passenger halt (only towards Howrah)
    • frequency increased to daily
    • vermillion red-and-yellow color removed
    • two AC sleeper coaches in present rakes
    • slowed down by nearly four hours
  9. Coromandel Exp. (Howrah-Madras)
    • increased halts at Kharagpur, Khurda Rd., Berhampur, Rajahmundry, and Bitragunta (towards Howrah)
    • vermillion red-and-yellow color removed
    • slowed down by nearly three hours
  10. Himgiri Exp. (Howrah-Jammu Tawi)
    • increased halts at Chittaranjan, Jasidih (experimental), Jha Jha, Jaunpur City, Sultanpur, Bareilly, and Saharanpur
    • converted from a one-night to a two-nights train
    • slowed down by more than six hours
    • red and cream color removed
    • AC sleeper service introduced
  11. Jammu Tawi - Bombay superfast Exp.
    • increased halts at Borivali (towards Bombay Central), Godhra, Nagda, and Subzi Mandi (towards N.Delhi)
    • Mathura converted from technical to passenger halt
    • blue, green, and yellow color removed
    • slowed down by nearly three hours
    • AC I class, AC Chair Car, and I class services removed
    • electrically hauled between Bombay Central and N.Delhi
  12. Madras - Varanasi Exp.
    • superfast status erased
    • made to terminate at Madras Central instead of Madras Beach and connection with Madras-Rameswaram Exp. removed
    • name changed from Ganga Kaveri Exp. to above
    • increased halts at Katni, Pipariya, Betul and Sirpur Kagaz Nagar
    • converted from one-night to two-nights train
    • slowed down by more than 3 hours
    • green-n-yellow color removed
    • AC sleeper service introduced