Nizamuddin to Pune by 2780 Goa Express


This page consists of images taken by me on the way to Pune from Nizamuddin by 2780 Goa Express on 12-13/6/02. 

Get ready for the Run...


A wdm2 Jumbo comes in from Agra end at NZM with a goods train. This is the first time i'am seeing Jumbos doing here. 

jumbo-NZM.jpg (90778 bytes)

A light wdg3a comes in from the Delhi end. Sorry, did not read from which shed.

wdg3a.jpg (74216 bytes)

After sometime saw the 2412 NZM-Jabalpur Gondwana exp dep at 14:30pm just 1/2 an hour before us.
This one goes to Jabalpur via Jhansi-Bina-Sagar-Damoh-Katni.

2412.jpg (71209 bytes)


After Gondwana dep came a light wap5 from Delhi end and was honking very frequently. I soon ran and took photos of it. It came here to take charge of the NZM-Chennai rajdhani which was to leave at 15:30pm 1/2 an hour after we dep.

wap5-NZM.jpg (72499 bytes)


Another view. In the right you can see a wap4 of BRC shed #22334 waiting to take charge of the NZM-Mumbai Augustkranti Rajdhani.

wap's-NZM.jpg (86006 bytes)


The wap5 #30005 is being coupled to the Chennai Rajdhani. I knew this train was to Overtake us and was desperately waiting for it.

couple.jpg (87893 bytes)


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