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ZDM/1 #704 was a regular locomotive on the Kalka-Simla circuit, before being taken out to New Delhi to amuse kids on a toy train ride at Pragati Maidan. She was later moved to National Rail Museum where she hides behind a blue coat of paint. She is in dire need of maintenance - notice the broken grill on the side .


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The 606 Passenger to Neral gets ready to depart the mountain retreat station of Matheran. The hill train is a big attraction for tourists from Mumbai who swarm the place in the months of January through June. The train services get disrupted during the monsoon months as the line becomes wet and treacherous.


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Another view of the NDM6 at the head of the Matheran-Neral passenger. This locomotive is made by SAN Engineering works in Whitefield, Bangalore and appears pretty small, as three nerds try to feel her up. The one on the right is yours truly.


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The camera strap came in the way of the lens in this hasty pic of a ZDM2 locomotive that has come in with the Chhindwara passenger at Nagpur. My 2621 TN express had already started and I had little time to sprint back to the nearest coach.

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