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YDM/4 #6044 waits at a picturesque siding in Chengalpattu. This locomotive features a stripped-down Alco WDM/2 power-pack, and served as IR's most prolific meter-gauge locomotive after the demise of steam. Pardon the ageing of this photograph - it dates back to early '98.


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I'm 165 cms (5' 5") tall, and this pic demonstrates the short height of meter gauge locomotives, as viewed on #6044 GOC YDM/4 at Chengalpattu. Relaying BG tracks on MG permanent way calls for reworking the loading gauge at bridges, tunnels and underpasses.


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The side view of the MG YDM/4 #6044 locomotive from Golden Rock (GOC) shows a plain Alco attitude, characteristic of India's typical diesel locomotive design. Side-buffers are absent, and a high mounted central headlamp offers good illumination of the track ahead. This beauty gets exclusive footage from one crazed rail-nut!


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YDM/4 #6238 from Golden Rock poses light at Chengalpattu station. Giving her company is the MG EMU from Chengalpattu to Tambaram, that runs further north into Chennai Beach. The front locomotive horn is placed right on her head, quite like an ornament!


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The side view of YDM/4 #6155 locomotive at Guntakal. Note the "Fit for Yard Shunting only" caption, in cursive writing, below the cab window. She's been maintained immaculately, with no speck of dust on her body. The obstinate crow on the coach followed me across the tracks to get featured. (I'm just kidding)!


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YDM/4 #6155 is demoted to yard shunting as she reflects the orange morning sunlight off her unblemished countenance at Guntakal. She's handling a passenger from Bellary, to be taken off for cleaning. This is her home territory, and she exudes warmth on a cold day.

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