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YDM/2 #2040 pulls abreast of Chetpat station in Chennai with the Rameswaram Chennai Express. Unfortunately, she's not hauling the fabled train, but shunting the empty rake out of the yard on the siding. This train now runs out of Tambaram in Chennai.


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YDM/2 #2040 used to shunt MG express trains from Chennai Egmore to the yard near Chetput. These B-B class locomotives had a Voith transmission, and were originally found on SCR. Unfortunately, MG express trains moved out of Chennai and in all probability, they've been scrapped for good :(


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Mathura Jn ranks among the largest ones on IR, in terms of links and trains served. In addition to four BG arms, it has three MG limbs - linking Agra Fort, Kasganj and Vrindavan. An early morning passenger from Agra Fort to Kasganj trundles into MTJ with a YDM/4 power from Izzatnagar doing the honors. Observe the casual manner adopted by passengers in crossing platforms - appaling :(


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Uttar Pradesh still has an active MG network, awaiting the imminent expansion to broad gauge. Most of these lines come under the jurisdiction of NE Railway, and feature slow, crowded passenger trains. An early noon service from Sitapur to Lucknow Junction rambles through a level crossing, hauled by an Izzat Nagar YDM/4. This train had a large number of milk sellers, who suspend their cans out on the window bars.


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A YDM4 pair from Sabarmati (SBI) wait with a long freight train at Gurgaon (GGN), Haryana. The station serves this important satellite town to New Delhi, and lies quite some distance from the main city. The Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Rewari route has twin single lines of BG and MG, and has important trains like the Ahmedabad Rajdhani and Ajmer Shatabdi patronizing it.


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A YDM4 locomotive from Guntakal in Broad Gauge territory! As the 6010 Mumbai Mail enters Raichur, the meter gauge diesel waits piggyback on a flat wagon. The loading gauge on BG permits dimunitive MG stock to be transported this way :)

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