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Its time for the departure of 2635 Vaigai Express - the superfast afternoon service from Chennai Egmore to Madurai. YAM/1 #21909 is in charge and the assistant driver lets the green flag out as a sign of goodbye. These days, the train runs on Broad Gauge, and a green Golden Rock WDP2 does the honors. One railfan seems intrigued by the dimunitive cab and peeps into it. Notice the "dhoti", south India's traditional silk/cotton attire.


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The driver of YAM/1 #21909 "floors the pedal", as the train accelerates out of Chennai Egmore with the 2635 Vaigai Express to Madurai. This train was perhaps, one of the fastest MG express trains in India, with a yellow-green Golden Rock YDM/4 in the days of yore, and was cleared to run at speeds > 100 kmph.


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YAM/1 #21921 is right on time at Chengalpattu, an old town south of Chennai, with the Nellai Express to Tirunelveli. She doesn't have a long run to worry - the SR line is electrified till Villupuram, where YDM/4 locomotives take charge of the train for the southward journey. Most trains running south of Chennai Egmore today are on Broad Gauge - and few routes like those to Pondicherry and Rameswaram are still MG.

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