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The 2605 Pallavan Express gets clearance to depart Chennai Egmore for Tiruchirapalli, and the driver has an important rendezvous with his wife. I guess he's forgotten his lunch, and the lady in the picture is delivering complimentary advice and admonition! The circular name-boards on the YAM/1 locomotive were an eccentricity found only on SR Chennai MG division.


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The side profile of the Mitsubishi-built YAM/1 locomotive. India has outsourced locomotives from many builders around the world, and this explains to the variety of rolling stock found on Indian permanent-way. #21907 is from the Tambaram shed, the only one that housed these locomotives. Their days are numbered, as BG is set to replace all major lines south of Chennai Egmore.


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This is double line operation - the American way! The Nellai Express and a YAM/1 hauled observation car swap lines south of Tambaram and cross each other. After a few kilometers, the Nellai Express got back on the right track. I wonder if anybody has seen this phenomenon repeated elsewhere in India.


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An array of YAM/1 locomotives line up at the Chennai Egmore trip shed. The chap in the far left was inquisitive - why should somebody click these lifeless machines? I had to fib - it was for a college project or something. Its tough trying to explain railmania to the general populace! A long bout of tropical rains converted the loco pits into a sparkling pool!


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The YAM/1 class locomotives were a replacement for the YCG/1 class that worked on the DC electrified meter gauge section from Chennai Beach to Villupuram. The lines were re-energized to 25 KV AC and the YAM/1 order was won by Mitsubishi that built these petite feminine locomotives. YAM/1 #21907 takes a breather in Chennai Egmore station, February '98.


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For a long time, Egmore station in Chennai was Meter Gauge Mecca - you could spot the best MG locomotives in India here. On a sultry April '98 noon, YAM1 #21906 rests on platform #1. She had come in with the Vaigai Express from Madurai, and another locomotive couples at the head to take this train back southwards.

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