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As the Chennai Central local from Arrakkonam accelerates out of Mosur, it gets crossed by a speeding WDS/4B with no shed markings. This red/yellow livery is uncommon in SR territory, with the majority of shunters sporting the pale blue attire with white stripes.


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A WDS/4B from Chennai gets up, close and personal with the camera at Arrakkonam Jn. on election day in March '98. These locomotives were favored in most Indian movies for their plausible rental costs. Observe a WAG/5HA hauled freighter to the right, waiting for the signal.


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A distant shot of one Pune WDS/6R locomotive doing maintenance tasks at Solapur station. This is one instance of good locomotive design coming to the rescue of crew. These days, many aged WDM/2 locomotives have been reclassified as WDM/2S for shunting tasks, in direct competition to these beasts.


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Railway maintenance activities dominate CR Mumbai Division's worksheet on a Sunday. A WDS/4D from Kurla hauls a single observation car through Dadar station in March 1998. Its a rare sight to see Dadar without a sea of humanity on each platform.

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