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Another pic of WDM/2 #17137 from Guntakal, making a sojourn at Krishna station in Andhra Pradesh. This station is among the few ones on IR that has the town name same as the river flowing in the vicinity. One notable example is Wardha. The people crowding around the locomotive seem to be in awe!


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Picture Credit: Kiran Krishnamurthy


A kingdom for a locomotive! This is a shot taken by my friend Kiran at Channasandra station in Bangalore. The assistant driver at the controls of WDM/2 #17600 of Gooty lets out the green flag to acknowledge the station staff. He's in charge of an express freight bound up north.


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A rail level shot documenting complementary crossings! The 6010 Chennai Mumbai mail comes to a halt at the south outer of Wadi. The apparent reason for the wait being the evacuation of the platform by 6009 Mumbai Chennai Mail. The train crawls by the side, accelerating out on its run to Chennai. A conventionally liveried WDM/2 from GY does the honors.


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This is one high-speed crossing in a pitiable section of double-track. The 6010 Chennai-Mumbai Mail is late, and meets the 1013 Kurla Terminus-Coimbatore Express at Thangundi on SCR territory, between Raichur and Wadi. This station is documented here on the South Central Railway website.


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The section north of Guntakal is double-tracked in bits and parts, and the lateral separation in the tracks allows for an interesting stretch of trainspotting. The 6010 Chennai Mumbai Mail crosses an unknown train between Adoni and Raichur. Its hauled by a 18000-series WDM/2 from Gooty. All these pics are vintage - from my trips in 1998.


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WDM/2 #16024 from Gooty basks in the afternoon sun at Wadi in Karnataka. The freight train entrusted to her is mainly fuel - petrol and kerosene tankers bound for the south. It is uncommon to find single WDM/2 locomotives assigned to haul freight trains. This section is now the domain of the mighty WDG/4.

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