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Another encounter with the 2627 Bangalore-New Delhi Karnataka Express, this time at Solapur on an early July '98 morning. The two WDM/2As from Itarsi are ready to depart the station, as the 6009 Mumbai Chennai Mail pulls into the adjacent platform. If either train would've been off schedule, the latter train would've been sidelined on a loop to let the Karnataka Express romp through.


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The 2430 Hazrat Nizamuddin Bangalore Rajdhani Express is a premium train that has no regard for minnows like the 6010 Chennai Mumbai Mail. The latter waits for the legendary crossing at Marichetal in Andhra Pradesh, north of Guntakal Junction. A WDM/2A locomotive from ET does the honors, screaming loudly and racing at 100 kmph.


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A pair of WDM/2 locomotives take some time out and rest at the entrance to Gooty diesel shed. The administrative building is built of stone and looks impressive. The power on the left has a maroon, cream and navy blue livery - not seen quite frequently.


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A couple of WDM/2 locomotives expose their innards for fueling at home base - the Gooty Diesel Shed. This interesting orange + blue livery has become a standard feature on Gooty locomotives. The bye-pass line to Hyderabad via Pendekallu takes off behind this shed and the new line curves sharply northwards.


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A five-coach unnamed passenger train (possibly, the Raichur-Guntakal passenger?) reflects the afternoon sun as it crosses the speeding 6010 Chennai Mumbai mail between Raichur and Adoni. The fellow at the helm of affairs is a light-blue/navy-blue WDM/2 from Guntakal.


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This is one beautiful profile of a vaccuum-braked train! The 6009 Mumbai Chennai Mail has a long outage at Krishna station in Andhra Pradesh. This town lies right on the border between AP and Karnataka, separated by the Krishna river. A group of travellers assemble to marvel WDM/2 #17137, from Guntakal. Its an outage to let a freight train cross over from the Krishna bridge.

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