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A formally dressed WDM2/C "baldie" #14028 from Krishnarajapuram decelerates through Channasandra station outside Bangalore, on a cold morning in Feb 2000. She's pulling the 6529 Udyan Express and the train is right on time. A WAG5/HA pair watches the spectacle on the far right lines. This livery scheme is one the best I've seen!


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WDM/2 locos romping on alien lands, far away from home! The 6338 Cochin-Rajkot Express waits for a crossing with my train - the Mumbai-Madgaon Mandovi Express at Kankavali on Konkan Railway. The locomotive at the head of the train comes from BGKT (Bhagat Ki Kothi) that was a major YDM/4 shed in Jodhpur in the MG days of yore. The livery of Mandovi Express resembles the Deccan Queen!


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This is as gaudy as WDM/2 liveries can get! A standard event on single-line territory is demonstrated here. A gaudy unidentified WDM/2 with the 6010 Chennai-Mumbai Mail crosses my waiting 6011 Mumbai-Chennai Express at Matmari station in Andhra Pradesh. Crossings are a great event to watch out for, when travelling in single-line territory. It is safe to alight from the train and cross the line, waiting for the other train to pass by. The Mumbai-Chennai trunk line is largely neglected, but great for catching diesel action.


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WDM/2 locomotives from Erode look regal and pristine in their maroon-brown, cream and dark grey livery. This one departs Krishnarajapuram station in the outskirts of Bangalore, with the 6339 Mumbai Nagercoil Express. This train is a convenient medium for people needing last minute tickets to Bangalore. Observe the open doors by the side of the locomotive.


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One more prestige crossing in the path of 6010 Chennai Mumbai Mail, its the wait for 2628 New Delhi Bangalore Karnataka Express. The Karnataka Express has one of the longest runs for a double-headed diesel locomotive. Two WDM/2 powers from ET do the honors for this train. This pic is dated June '98 - hence the vaccuum braked maroon liveries for both trains.


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This is WDM/2 #18880 from Jhansi in an offbeat livery. She's hauling an unnamed passenger train into Kanpur Central platform #2 just as the 2003 Lucknow-New Delhi Shatabdi Express pulls out from platform #1. The Kanpur-Lucknow stretch is a busy section, not quite matching the throbbing Kanpur-Allahabad corridor.

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