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In a picture-perfect setting, WDM/2 #17751 from KJM exudes a regal aura as she decelerates into platform #2 of Gooty station in AP. The sky is clear and matches the belly colors of the locomotive. She's hauling a fuel load - note the shielding guard van at the head of the freight train assembly.


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A newborn WDM/2C (now 3A) blares her siren and runs north through Okhla station in Feb 2001. The locomotive has no shed markings, and is most likely a new recruit of Tuglakabad shed. Observe the cream and green colored AC EMU on the other track - Delhi's older rapid transit mode.


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WDM1 #17000 from Gonda shed, NR, is earmarked for preservation, and waits at a neglected siding in National Rail Museum, New Delhi - shorn of paint, machines and dignity. Based on Alco's World Series design, this uni-directional locomotive was among the earliest diesels to challenge steam traction in Indian Railways. Its a sorry sight to catch her like this :( Note the scale comparison in size to the small toy train coaches in the far end.


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The 6530 Bangalore Mumbai Udyan Express now has a WDM2C locomotive running under wires! In a new operation aimed at acquanting Mumbai division drivers with the semantics of diesel powers, this train and the Kolhapur Mahalaxmi express run north to Mumbai with the same power that hauled them from their origins. This Rajdhani-liveried KJM WDM2C revs her engine, emerging out of a short 10-minute halt at Pune on Christmas Eve, 2001.


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The KR03 Dadar Ratnagiri Passenger gets a WDM2 from Erode shed as it initiates the journey, speeding through Sion on CR Mumbai. The train gets packed at Thane, providing a late afternoon link to points along the Konkan shore.


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Another rebuilt locomotive from Erode - WDM2 #17894R. The 17xxx series is more recent than the 18xxx series of the WDM2 family. This locomotive is ready to depart Kurla LTT terminus with the 6345 Netravati Express to Thiruvananthapuram. The train runs packed through the year, but seems fairly neglected - given the condition of the rake-set and pathetic schedule. It wouldn't take much to speed this train into a superfast.

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