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A pair of WDM2 locomotives from Kalyan climb the Thull Ghat between Kasara and Igatpuri with a freight train from Mumbai. The steep gradient requires a banker assembly of three WCG2 locomotives pushing the train from the rear. This shot is taken from the 2142 Patna-Kurla Superfast Express that is descending the hills on the up line across the divide.


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There ought to be a contest for spotting locomotives running light! Well, Kalyan has these "business suit" WDM2s and one is caught running in solitude, accelerating thro' Sion station in Mumbai. Diesel locomotives were rare in Mumbai, and in all probability, this speeding WDM2 comes out of a routine check-up at CR's Parel loco works.


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Another pic of the Kalyan WDM2, passing through Sion station in Mumbai. Sion station had an active pair of siding lines for parcel and freight loading, but now it has gone into disuse. WDS4B locomotives would haul these wagons to the Kurla/Vidyavihar yard and couple them to an outbound freight train.


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WDM2 #18697R from SR Erode Shed (ED) is a rebuilt locomotive - hence the "R" on her Social Security Number. She's now a frequent visitor to Mumbai - hauling Konkan Railway trains from Ernakulam and Mangalore into Kurla LTT Terminus. The Howrah-Kurla Express stands ahead, waiting with a Kalyan WCAM3. This station has undergone expansion with many trains now scheduled off its four platforms.


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WDM2 #18167 from Jhansi mulls over the future of the planet, in the parcel siding at Kanpur Central (CNB). The 2003 Shatabdi Express from Lucknow with a WAP5 waits on platform #1, and there is no immediate threat to our WDM2's plans. Observe a puny 42 BHP Maruti Suzuki 800CC car on the platform - no competition along the corridors of power :)


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The 2957 Ahmedabad-New Delhi "Swarnajayanti" Rajdhani takes a short but laborious route through Rajasthan, stopping at Abu Road, Ajmer and Jaipur. WDM2 locos in Rajdhani livery from Vatva, WR power the short 10-coach train as this one is captured early morning, passing through the complex junctions north-west of New Delhi. With just one operating set of rakes, the train is a tri-weekly affair.

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