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WDM2C #14068 glitters in the cold Feb '01 sunshine at Tuglakabad (TKD) Shed outside New Delhi. She belongs to a batch of new locomotives that have been dispatched out of DLW, Varanasi to take on tasks hauling long passenger trains on NR. The locomotive bears no shed markings, and with 3100 HP on tap, they mean business. Fortunately, the offending bulge on the short hood has been removed.


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Its a late winter morning in Feb 1998, and a Gooty WDM2 with the 6011 Chennai Express lets out smoke to accelerate out of Guntakal. If only the maintenance of this line improves, we can see a 21xx/26xx numbered superfast train from Mumbai to South India.


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WDM2 #18286 from Gooty seems to care less for the Solapur chill as she shunts into the sidings behind platform #1. Solapur has a locomotive change for the Udyan Express as 4 coaches pile on here for the southward journey to Bangalore, and the WDM2 hands over charge to a mightier blunt-nosed WDM2C.


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The 1020 Konark Express with a Pune WDM2 makes its way into Wadi junction just as the 6010 Mumbai Mail accelerates out of the station. The 337 km largely-single line from Wadi to Daund sees a fight in the afternoon as three trains dodge other express trains and tail one another to touch Mumbai early morning.


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The stretch between Diva Junction and Dombivli near Kalyan has a lot of activity with two sets of lines radiating south. A Pune WDM2 with a freight load makes her way beside the CR main line to turn southwards for the JNPT (Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust) on the Konkan Line.


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The 330 Hyderabad-Pune passenger pulls into Solapur right on time, with a conventional maroon Pune WDM2 at the helm of affairs. The matching maroon livery of the locomotive and train is a rare sight these days, with most trains sporting myriad colors.

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