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A WDM2 pair from Kalyan races past Dadar platform #6 with empty freight wagons for Wadi Bunder. The guard lets the green flag out on the platform, and the driver acknowledges the signal. You can almost hear the engines screaming in sync, and letting the world know what defines happiness :)


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The 2627/28 Karnataka Express still employs twin WDM2 locomotives, and it is an experience to see this long train roaring away like no tomorrow. The couple from Itarsi shed (ET) in the picture, powered the 2628 south of ET, and wind their way across Bangalore City station. Incidentally - the sidings at Bangalore aren't on the sides but right in the center of the station ;)


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Picture Credit: Prashanth Swaminathan


Thats yours truly, captured on a lazy April '99 morning at Channasandra station (CSDR) outside Bangalore. The Erode WDM2-hauled 6338 Cochin-Rajkot express races past after negotiating the sharp CSDR bye-pass curve.


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A WDM2 locomotive from Erode gets a close-up as she waits with a north-bound freighter at Channasandra. This station rates high for diesel action, and frequent marshalling activity keeps the pointsmen busy.


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Another view of the same freight train, from the uninhabited CSDR platform. This station lies 13 kilometers from Bangalore City station, but strangely has just one single train - the Guntur passenger, halting in either direction.


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The 6339 Nagercoil Express has an unexpected loco change at Gooty, as an Erode WDM2 takes over the train after the Gooty WDM2 retired home. This train was further delayed after the 2628 Karnataka Express had an overtake on the adjacent platform. Observe the clean and empty station - quite unusual :)

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