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The 1064 Chennai Mumbai Express breezes through a station south of Yerraguntla in AP, and crosses a double-headed freighter, handled by a WDG/2 pair from Guntakal. Even though this section is doubled, this train - in all probability, is waiting to be overtaken. This section is soon to be electrified, to realize the center's dream of (in Mike Myers' quotes) "The Golden Quadrilateral".


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A pair of WDG/2 locomotives from Gooty wait for the 6012 Chennai Mumbai Express to run out of Yerraguntla in AP. This station lies on the Renigunta - Gooty section of SCR, and has the distinction of being the only stretch of main line with no superfast trains. The freight train in the rear strangely had a guard's van following the locomotive.


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Recent discussions on the IRFCA list seem to suggest IR has a surplus of diesel locomotives, freed by the expanding catenary wires over new routes. As a result, it is not uncommon to find such locomotives meandering into electrified territory. A Pune WDG2 runs single, pulling a freighter from Kalyan, bound for Konkan Railway. The rail over-bridge in the background is the Diva-Vasai bye-pass line off Dombivli - now doubled and re-energized to 25KV AC.


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A pair of sparkling red WDGs would make life pleasurable if you were to see them the first thing every morning! Such days are not frequent - like these Gooty WDGs that made me sprint 200 meters away from my train standing far left at the Gooty platform.


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Two freight trains with Gooty WDG2s wait patiently for the 6009 Chennai Mail to enter the Solapur station precincts as they can reclaim the line for running north. The lack of doubling on this heavily used line severely handicaps speed and route utilisation.


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A Gooty WDG2 hides behind a Pune WDM2 as both trains look south with long freight loads. A Box-N POH (Periodic Overhaul) Workshop can be seen in the distance at Gooty.

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