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Another view of WCM/1 #20068 with the 7493 Mumbai Tirupati Express in late March '98. This train offers an easy way for people to reach Chennai in the rush season, as it connects with the 6011 Chennai Express at Renigunta, 144 kilometers away from Chennai. Two other trains share times with this train on other days of the week - the 6331 Trivandrum Express, and 6339 Nagercoil Express.


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A clandestine pic of WCM/1 #20072 at the CSTM trip shed in Mumbai in late March '98. This one has the bonnet door open - a passage exists from this door to the cab. There have been occasions where the crew had to sneak out of the cab through the front bonnet, when mobs were infuriated over accidents or delays. The Mumbai division is the only one where drivers dress up in casuals, to mingle with the crowd in dire events.


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Early noons see a lot of trains arrive into Mumbai through the CR mainline. The 7032 Hyderabad Mumbai Express with a WCM/5 at helm accelerates as it crosses the 7493 Tirupati Express north of Kurla. This layout is among the largest ones in Mumbai, and gets flanked by the Kurla EMU car shed and the diesel loco shed on either side.


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WCM/1 locomotives had a long bonnet, and the cab-windows offered a great view of the track ahead. This bonnet acted as a protective shield in the event of gruesome collisions; that was absent in front-cab locomotives like the WCG/2. This is WCM/1 #20066, one of the few locomotives of this class that wasn't painted with the white Deccan Queen livery.

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