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1.5 KV DC Mixed Locomotives - now extinct :(
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6339 Nagercoil Express with WCM5 #20092 waits for the signal after Karjat to initiate the climb through Bhor Ghat. A Khopoli local peeps over the side as it races to reach Palasdhari. With the extension of local services beyond KJT, CR now has a vast EMU network.


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WCM4 locomotives were built by Hitachi, and they were a rare sight when DC was in vogue in Mumbai. On a summer 98' noon, a WCM4 does shunting duty at the marshalling yard in Vidyavihar. Sadly, no locomotive of her class has been preserved :(


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The dog faced WCM5 earned her red stripe towards the last days, and this Kalyan shed locomotive decelerates as she enters empty platform #4 of Matunga station in Mumbai with the late 7304 Sahyadri Express from Kolhapur. The coaches in the right are from Dadar that get serviced here.


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The sad and forlorn WCM5 #20092 gets greeted by a fresh-as-daffodils WCM5# 20091 with the Pune-Karjat passenger This train returns back later to double up as Pune-Mumbai passenger in the night. Strangely, this chronological sister to the former has also lost her eyelids!


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The WCM6 is a rare locomotive - only two of them were built in the mid-90s by CLW (Chittaranjan Locomotive Works), and one got badly mauled in a fire. The only surviving lady of her class flies thro' Karjat with a light freight load. They can be found doing menial jobs at Karjat/Kasara.


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The body shell of the WCM6 is very similar to the WAG5 series, but differs from the latter as there are no transformers and current rectifiers. By the time these locomotives were rolled out, DC went out of vogue and the BHEL built WCAM3s had taken throne. WCM6 #20187 badly longs for a trip to her beautician, on her way thro' KJT in June '98.

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