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The 6339 Mumbai-Nagercoil Express commences its journey by calling in at its first stop - Dadar. This station is perhaps the most crowded in India and negotiating your way through the overbridges can be a nightmare. The train is managed by a sadly-no-more WCM5 locomotive that seems to have lost her eyelids.


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The characteristic maroon color of the coaches has now given way to the twin-blue livery. In late October 1997, the all-maroon 7339 Sewagram Express winds its way over the crossover points outside Matunga station as a solitary WCM5 locomotive observes the departure. This train subsequently had a huge time gain and a transfer to Central Railway; with a new number, 1339.


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WCM1 has a pedigree status among the WCM class, and #20072 exudes smartness on a bright afternoon at the CST Mumbai trip shed. These locomotives were characterized by a door moved far from the cab to the center. Its a pity, they would never run again :(


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Hiding behind ol' WCM1 #20072 is a refreshed English Electric WCM2 class #20123. These locomotives were the mainstay of CR operation in Mumbai division for a long time before re-electrification nailed their coffin shut in the late '90s.


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The WCM class locomotives were cannibalized for their parts before disappearing off CR tracks completely. WCM2 #20125 sports a tar/grease moustache on her countenance in the sidings at Karjat in mid '98. These powers were built at the Vulcan Foundry in England by English Electric.


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WCM5 #20093 awaits duty in the CR sidings off Dadar Terminus. DR complements Mumbai CST very well by having many trains scheduled off its two platforms, through the day. But Dadar has no more capacity and LT Terminus at Kurla now takes all the newer ones.

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