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This is a rare shot of a stripeless WCAM/3 locomotive caught outside Dadar on Christmas day, 1999. In all likelihood, this locomotive is fresh off BHEL's assembly line and would make a quick appointment with the paint shop folks at Kalyan loco shed. Observe the trespasser in front of the stationary locomotive - scary!


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This is WCAM/1 #21800 from Valsad - the first AC/DC dual voltage locomotive built by CLW and christened "Vallabh". This locomotive is coupled to 9021 Surat Flying Ranee, and is captured from the 2953 Mumbai-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express pulling out of Mumbai Central on New Year's Day 2002.


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Mumbai CST now handles quite a few diesel-hauled trains out of India's oldest terminus, but there is no immediate threat to WCAM/3 locomotives who can manage the majority, thank you very much. WDM2 #16358 gives a backdrop to a home buddy, WCAM/3 #21940 from Kalyan. The DC catenary towers spanning the maze of tracks have now been fitted with 25 KV AC insulators - the impending re-electrification of tracks in Mumbai.

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