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A sandwich served on suburban platter? Its the first week of February 2000, and CR is celebrating 75 years of electrification. All rolling stock in suburban Mumbai sport colorful garlands and a board to proclaim the status. 2123 Deccan Express emerges between two south-bound DC EMUs south of Parel station. This train has a cult following, and is among the most famous trains in Mumbai. I'd love to see a WCAM/3 with the same livery as the train!


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WCAM/3 locomotives did a lot of freight work before IR got wise and re-geared them for a new WCAG/1 class. The 6011 Chennai Express crosses a Vasai-bound fuel freighter hauled by a CR Kalyan WCAM/3 south of Dombivli station near Kalyan. This train would later spin around 270 degrees and travel west on the rail overpass in the background.


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The 7031 Mumbai-CST Hyderabad Express usually meets its Mumbai-bound counterpart at Dadar. On days when the incoming train is late, they stage a rendezvous at Kalyan. A BHEL-liveried WCAM/3 waits at Kalyan for the last leg of her journey with the late 7032 express. The 7031 has already departed Kalyan with an odd WCG/2 assignment.


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A spanking-new WCAM/3 locomotive flaunts her power as she runs light through Karjat in May '98. In the background is the pantry car of 6339 Mumbai-Nagercoil Express, one of very few south-bound trains out of Mumbai to merit this "luxury" during that period. Even today, many trains like 6529/30 Udyan Express and 1013/14 Coimbatore Express lack this basic necessity.


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WCAM/3 #21938 waits at Karjat with the 1009 Sinhagad Express to Pune. This train had a double-decker rake, before being up(down?)graded to a standard 2S seating day-train rake. There are no bankers available, and the train is delayed by nearly an hour. This station has the famous Divadkar vada-pav (potato patties with spicy chilli-garlic seasoning, served in a bun) but the quality and taste have deteriorated over the years.


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Right from the the ancient times, Indian culture has placed emphasis on marital alliances within the same caste or community. WCAM/2 #21872 from Valsad gets intimate with a KYN WCAM/3 at Lonavla, in a rare display of class amity. WCAM/2 locomotives are quite rare on the Lonavla-Pune stretch.

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