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WCAM/3 locomotives struck hard on the older WCM/x class, rendering the latter obsolete. One of the standard trains with an English Electric WCM/2 was the 7340 Nagpur-Dadar Sewagram express. By late May '98, this train upgraded itself to the BHEL WCAM/3, as seen in this pic, where the train crosses a late out-boud 6011 Chennai Express near Ghatkopar in Mumbai.


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6529 Udyan Express had a unique yellow-green livery in the late 1980's, these days it sports the standard air-braked blues. Before the through-WDM/2 run, this train was hauled by a Kalyan WCAM/3 from Mumbai CST to Pune, and a single WDM/2 from Pune to Solapur. On a cold Feb 2000 morning, this train breezes through Sion station with the older BHEL-colored WCAM/3.


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WCAM/1 locomotives from WR work freight trains in pairs, and it's quite uncommon to spot single locomotives (unlike single men!). A Valsad WCAM/1 seems lost, as she waits for the main line signal between Diva and Dombivli near Kalyan. The 6339 Nagercoil Express races ahead on a warm '98 summer noon.


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Mornings are *real* busy at Mumbai Central, when many trains from Gujarat and north India schedule their arrivals. The Flying Ranee powered by a Valsad WCAM1 arrives from Surat on a hot Sunday. Notice the 2952 Rajdhani from New Delhi on the other platform, and people from the Jaipur Superfast on their way out.


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One of the funny things noted about late running trains is the ability of the driver to speed up and make time. The train shouldn't have gotten late in the first place! On a late evening south of Diva, 1439 Sewagram express from Nagpur accelerates to enter the Parsik tunnel.


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The mean monster on misty mountains? Quite likely - the 1403 Kurla-Manmad Godavari Express is hauled by a standard Kalyan WCAM/3 locomotive as it ascends the Thull ghat after Kasara on CR, and crosses the 2142 Patna-Kurla superfast. This train leaves Mumbai pretty early, and is more convenient for travellers from Kalyan bound for Nasik and Manmad. The 1403 has no loco change at Igatpuri.

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