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WCAM2 locomotives from WR are exlusively homed in the Valsad (BL) shed. They are not frequently seen on CR territory, and usually they are always spotted with a freight train. One such locomotive waits with empty flat-cars in the Nahur yard between Bhandup and Mulund in Mumbai. There were many requests from commuter organisations and local bodies for building a station here, given the large distance between these two stations.


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The BAMY shed at Khar is short for "Bandra Marshalling Yard", that mainly holds trains coming out of the Wadala yard on CR Harbor, before dispatching them up north when the line gets less congested. Now, the trip shed serves express trains out of Bandra Terminus too! This is another view north out of the foot overbridge at Khar.


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The 5217 Kurla Muzaffarpur Pawan Express takes the down slow line and crosses a WR WCAM1 locomotive-hauled container train bound for the Nhava Sheva terminal. This layout lies between Diva and Dombivli on CR's Kalyan line and is quite complex, given the number of junctions lying on a small stretch of track. The catenary supports over the byepass lines (far right) have all been changed to AC. The current Diva-Dombivli section has nine lines (4 old DC + 5 new AC) in parallel.


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Even though the WCAM class locomotives are capable of traction under any catenary in India, they are not allowed to wander far from Mumbai - where they are needed the most for their 1.5 KV DC capability. This WCAM1 power waits at the buffers of Mumbai Central late evening with the incoming Gujarat Express.


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On New Year day 1998, a couple of Valsad WCAM1 dual voltage locos in an offbeat green livery wait at the Khar BAMY trip shed in Mumbai. These lines proceed below the overbridge into the Bandra Diesel shed. It homes shunters and played host to the the WDM2 powers that were regular on WR tracks in the early 90's.


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The Khar BAMY yard captured from another angle on New Year Day 1998. Its not uncommon to see different stock get MU-ed and take on long container freights. Western Railway got all the WCAM2 class powers while CR got the better WCAM3s.

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