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The BHEL-beast WCAM2 is the undisputed queen of the Mumbai division on Western Railway. They have been promoted to head the Shatabdi and twin Rajdhanis out of Mumbai Central that was once the exclusive domain of Ms WDM2. On a personal note - these locomotives don't look all that elegant, but they mean business like this one waiting for work at Mumbai Central.


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The WCAM3 is a regeared version of the WCAM2 with an upward rating of power. On a wet day in July 98, a Kalyan WCAM3 waits patiently at Karjat with the 6011 Chennai Express. There is a shortage of WCG2 banker locomotives necessary to push the train up the steep Bhor Ghat section into Lonavla. A WCAM3 with the 1007 Pune Deccan Express also waits on the right.


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The rain Gods have taken a brief respite, as a cheerful green cover envelopes the hills. The 6011 Mumbai-Chennai Express is late as it passes Monkey Hill cabin on the section before Khandala and meets the Mumbai-bound 6530 Udyan Express. All trains heading downhill have a compulsory stop here to test brake power and to let the signal-man disengage the steep catch siding points set at all times.


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The overbridge at Khar south-end is a veritable ogle-feast for trainspotters in Mumbai. WCAM1 and WCAM2 locomotives in three different liveries can be spotted in this picture. The lines in the far right emerge out of Bandra Terminus, while the BAMY (Bandra Marshalling Yard) loco trip shed can be spotted on the left.


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Two freight trains bound for the Wadala Port Lines wait for the signal at Bandra Marshalling Yard (BAMY). These trains use the Central Railway harbour line from Bandra to Wadala and jostle for space with the local trains that frequent this route.


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Late mornings are quite relaxed at the Mumbai CST Trip Shed as there are no departures for three hours, from 9 to 12. CR has now painted all its WCAM3 locomotives in blue and yellow, and the paint scheme on the picture is reserved for the WCAG1. A Kalyan shed WDM2 can be spied on the left.

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