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The new livery of the WCAG/1 locomotives match their WCAM/3 cousins. This one is busy initiating her assignment - ferrying an ensemble of six guard vans from Karjat to Lonavla. In this venture, she's assisted by three WCG/2 bankers that must accompany all trains that climb the Bhore Ghat. This pic is shot from the speeding Deccan Express, in late December 2001.


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One of the new inductees in CR's power fleet is the WCAG/1 class locomotive. This one is a regeared version of the WCAM/3 built by BHEL to serve CR Mumbai's 1.5 KV DC territory. For some time, the WCAG/1's had the original colors that was used with the WCAM/3 class, but these days even these powers have the cream-blue and red stripe livery characteristic of CR's DC fleet. One such locomotive is sighted with a container load facing south out of the Kasara yard.


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CR regularly faces a "Sunday outage" - one or two lines out of the four that constitute the Mumbai CST-Kalyan corridor are marked out for engineering maintenance. Hence, the 1096 Varanasi-Mumbai CST Mahanagari Express travels on the up slow line as it decelerates through Sion on its way to Dadar. The train strangely was double-headed; a Kalyan WCAG1 coupled to a live WCAM3. Note the new name-boards on the platforms, lengthened to accomodate 12-coach slow EMUs.

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