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One of my favorite pastimes when travelling in trains is to hang out the door and spot crossing trains. This is beautiful capture of WAP/4 #22217 from Erode, running right on time with the 2639 Chennai Bangalore Brindavan Express, captured from the 1014 Coimbatore-Kurla (LTT) Express. The crossing happens on one of the many rail over-bridges east of Bangalore Cantt. Glory be to the HP 318 camera :)


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The 2954 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express is a mean train. This one does the 219 km stretch from Mathura to Kota in 118 minutes, at an average speed of 111.35 kmph! On a windy Feb 2001 evening, the train mercifully exhibits a single livery and is a sight to behold. The matching WAP/4E at helm is a WR locomotive from Vadodara (BRC).


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Political compulsions drive IR to start trains on bizzare routes - the 2406 Nizamuddin-Bhusawal Gondwana Express is a case in point. The main purpose of this train is to connect the Nagpur-Akola-Bhusawal belt with the capital, as no other train serves this route from New Delhi. A Jhansi WAP/4 crawls with this train south of Okhla. It is a sight to watch this train zooming through Mathura.

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