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A large number of overnight trains keeps Chennai Central busy in the mornings. The 2639 Brindavan Express with a WAP1 at head meets a homing train with a like locomotive in the vast straight stretches west of suburban Chennai. Travelling on the doorway with a camera is risky but immensely exciting :)


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WAP4 #22218 of AJJ gets intimate with the camera at Basin Bridge (BBQ) trip shed. Once reserved for the elite superfasts, WAP class locomotives now haul all kinds of express and passenger trains. The Devanagari notation for AJJ is written in the same phonetic way, talk about xenophobia down south :)


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A tired and badly-in-need-of-a-scrub WAP4 #22208 from CR (Jhansi) waits outside Chennai Central on the last kilometer of her journey. The train entrusted is the 2616 Grand Trunk Express from New Delhi and is right on time. This train has a large number of halts but still maintains excellent schedule speed. A single locomotive hauls this train on its 2190 km sojourn.


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The side profile of WAP4 #22218 at the Basin Bridge trip shed. The WAP4s have no custom liveries unlike their mixed cousin WAM4s, and are usually sighted in the red-yellow combination that characterizes the Rajdhani livery. A standard uniform-clad AJJ WAM4 is on the right.


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It is customary for drivers of passing trains to exchange flag signals, the ritualistic "I'm quite fine, how 'bout you?" greeting sent across to the other driver. A WAM4 hauled 6012 Chennai Express crosses the 2607 Bangalore Lalbagh Express powered by a WAP4 on the busy trunk line east of Arrakkonam.


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The bright August sun tries to unnerve the JHS WAP4 on a hot day at Nagpur, but our ol' lady seems unperturbed. This is quite the midway point for the 2621 TN Express from Chennai to New Delhi, and this train has one of the fastest runs for a non all-air-conditioned express train.

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