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The WAP1 engine is the first prototype in the lineage of hi-speed 25 KV AC locomotives. This livery is the one that is used for Shatabdi Expresses. A locomotive and train in the same livery is a wonderful event to spot. The guard sounds his whistle as WAP1 #22052 with the Lalbagh Express departs for Bangalore.


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As the 2607 Lalbagh Express waits for the proceed signal at Chennai, a couple of careless travellers don't mind jumping over the tracks with their luggage and manage to cross in front of the WAP1 locomotive! People have a callous attitude towards railway safety and India has one of the world's largest rail casualty figures.


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Another view of the same WAP1 locomotive. To quote a fellow rail enthusiast, the belly-mounted headlamp gives the impression of a pregnant cow. No offense :) Well, on all newer models, the single headlamp has now been replaced by twin powerful bulbs that don't require the projecting assembly.


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The 2607 Lalbagh Express is a newer train, packed to capacity on a Friday evening in late '98. This train has the important responsibility for filling the late afternoon time-slot to Bangalore. The AJJ WAP1 #22052 reflects the noon sun as the driver gets ready to start his schedule for the evening.


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WAP1 #22049 from AJJ gets sandwiched between an unnamed empty rake and the 6024 Chennai Express in the Chennai cleaning yard. Surprisingly, the layout was so designed that all three trains (counting the locomotive as one) were later moving in the same direction on adjacent tracks towards Chennai Central.


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On a cold December '98 morning, 2639 Brindavan Express with an AJJ WAP1 in charge, gets ready to leave Chennai Central. This train had a unique livery - dark bottle green with a yellow band above the windows. Now its the standard IR blue combo. This train runs packed through the year with unreserved travellers to Bangalore parking themselves in aisles and doorways.

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