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The 2024 Coimbatore-Chennai Shatabdi Express is managed by a matching WAP/1 locomotive from Arrakkonam (AJJ). This train was subsequently discontinued due to lack of patronage, but it made my day as it crossed my local train near Tiruninravur on a warm March 1998 noon.


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There she comes :) A long wait for sighting this train proved fruitful as an "I'm the Boss!" WAP/5 from Ghaziabad (GZB) commandeers the 2952 Mumbai Rajdhani Express out of New Delhi. The train rounds a curve as it accelerates out of Tilak Bridge, and the feeling is pure ecstasy! I'd love to see a train with the same livery as this Swiss beauty.


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The top speed of the 2952 Mumbai Rajdhani Express is 130 kmph, and this is notched mainly in the WR sections up north. However, this train is doing a modest 70 as the Agfa-liveried WAP5 powers ahead towards Hazrat Nizamuddin with the packed evening train on a late August '98 run.


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Another WAP/5 mate waits at New Delhi station with the 2302 Rajdhani Express for Howrah (Kolkata). This train has a higher schedule speed as compared to the 2952 Mumbai Rajdhani. The livery of this ADTranz loco is derived from the Agfa series of the the Swiss SBB Re460 corporate family.


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A bevy of beauties adorn the Basin Bridge trip shed outside Chennai Central in May 1998. The centerpiece is a WAP/4 locomotive from AJJ shed on the right. This shed primarily allows Chennai train powers to rest until the call of duty beckons them. All WAP/x class locomotives have disappeared from AJJ ever since.


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The maze of catenary wires and the intricate point-work forms a hard system to maintain at the approach to Chennai Central terminus. The urban network here is quite interesting, with mixed gauge junctions and grade-separated crossovers. A WAP/4 locomotive on the left waits as the caution signal is set for the homing 6045 Navjeevan Express.

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