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2618 Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Mangala Express is one of the most heavily used trains on IR, and is the only one with sleeper class accomodation to serve KR from New Delhi. It always gets a BSL WAM/4P locomotive assigned to it, and I happened to snap this train running pretty fast north of Tuglakabad in Feb 2001.


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One of the few express trains on IR to feature milk wagons is the 9024 Ferozpur Mumbai Janta Express. This train is hauled by a BRC (Vadodara) WAM/4 and the train makes a daily routine stop at Okhla station south of New Delhi. This train crawls through its course and does New Delhi-Mumbai in 31 hours.


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The electric loco shed at Vadodara (BRC) handles most of the trains running on WR's prestigious Vadodara-Mathura trunk line. It homes a large collection of WAP/4 and WAM/4 class locomotives, and the WAM/4 powers come in two standard liveries - the red-with-a-cream-belly and the navy-blue/sky-blue combo. The latter livery is worn by WAM/4 #20556 at Mathura yard, easing in to couple to a south-bound freight train. Observe a sample of the bovine species, trying to help IR remove vegetation from the tracks :)


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The Agra-Delhi passenger ranks among the slowest services on IR, and this train makes a three-hour stop at Palwal on its way. However, this train undertakes the responsibility of carrying cash boxes from ticket collection units at each station along the route. A WAM4 locomotive from GZB shed pulls into Okhla station on the outskirts of New Delhi with this train. Note the matched powerless WAP/4 behind the lead locomotive - another regular task for this train.


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This is one amazing question that has been raised many times, without any convincing answer - What does the largely indifferent Indian population find in a locomotive-coupling operation? A crowd of onlookers gather around the first coach as the WAM4/6P from Itarsi inches in to let the crewman couple her to the waiting 5217 Kurla-Muzaffarpur Pawan Express at Igatpuri.

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