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The loco-change ceremony at Igatpuri stands threatened by an impending change-of-traction on CR's Mumbai division. Soon, trains from Mumbai CST would depart with AC locomotives, and a long halt at this station would be a thing of the past. However, this WAM4/6P #20448 from CR Itarsi (ET) shed doesn't care, as she slides into Igatpuri to haul the waiting 5217 Kurla-Muzaffarpur Pawan Express.


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The 2954 August Kranti Rajdhani Express meets a like-liveried WAM4 locomotive. This WAM/4-6P locomotive is a CR ET power and the style used by the loco shed to decorate home status on the front sure looks catchy! The 8407 Hirakud Express from Bhubaneshwar is being pulled north of Palwal through the last leg of the train's journey into Nizamuddin.


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Among the first AC electric locomotives, WAM/1 #20202 was christened "Jagjivan Ram" and unveiled on 1959. This 2840 HP electric locomotive had German origins and was assigned to Kanpur Central shed (CNB). This was the dawn of 25 KV AC electrification in India. Now, she rests in the green environs of National Rail Museum (NRM), New Delhi.


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Another day at the BBQ trip shed outside Chennai Central. The WAM4 is perhaps the most ubiquitous locomotive on the 25KV AC network. Among the standard maroon-navy blue liveried folks is the navy colored AJJ WAM4 with the sky-blue belly.


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Its Thomas the Tank Engine! (Jus' kidding). The WAP4 locomotive in the far right eclipses a convoy of AJJ WAM4 locomotives at the Basin Bridge shed. I was a frequent visitor to this spot outside Chennai Central - rated quite high on the trainspotter's list.


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Its a startling show of competition as an AJJ WAM4 tries to prove her dominance over ol' WAP4 from JHS thats languishing in the siding. The train being entrusted is the 6011 Chennai Express at Renigunta, and the front pantograph comes down to get the rear one up.

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