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The trick in photographing trains in India is to avoid the stares of railway security forces who could get very suspicious about your cameras and stuff. I took a late clandestine shot of this Asansol WAG/7 in blue livery as she ran south through Okhla station. The train by the side is 9024 Ferozpur Mumbai Janta Express - a horrible crawler.


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IR has a penchant for coming with the most startling locomotive liveries - as demonstrated by this super-powered WAG/7 from ASL in a light-blue attire. Her road number is a palindrome - 27572, as she waits uncoupled from a BCNA train in Tuglakabad.


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WAG/5HA #23540 from Gomoh in ER comes to a stop in Okhla station, south of New Delhi. The train entrusted to her carries foodgrains out of the farmlands of Punjab. The train seems to be headed east via Mathura and Tundla - given the eastern home of the locomotive. The station seems uncannily empty on a Feb 2001 Wednesday noon.

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