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The layout around the approach to Chennai Central is quite complex, and features a large marshalling yard to load freight trains. A BCNA wagon train is powered by a CR WAG/5HA from Ajni and the train snakes over the points to choose the line heading north, through Basin Bridge junction. Severe speed limits on the scissors cross-overs forces the train to crawl.


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WAG/5HA powers are homed all over the country, and this brown CR WAG5/HA from Ajni (AQ) near Nagpur heads north out of Chennai yard with a long BCNA wagon train carrying fertilizers. It is uncommon to spot them working single - they are usually found running in pairs, with long freight trains.


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A high-speed freight train is handled by a couple of WAG/5HA locomotives from Arrakkonam (AJJ); the first one is captured on 200 speed film from the 2639 Brindavan Express. The green flag signal exchange is customary between two trains in opposite directions - the "all's well" message. The easiest way to distinguish a WAG/5 from a WAM/4 is to observe the side profile - no circular "porthole" windows on the WAG/5.


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Current inputs from railway folks seem to indicate that the WAG/5 family of locomotives would be regeared to take on passenger trains. However, the scene was quite different in Jan '98 when you could find few odd WAG/5HA locomotives with express train assignments. The brown locomotive at the Chennai Central buffers happens to be a WR power from Vadodara (BRC), the train behind her already taken away to the cleaning yards. 6023 Bangalore Express stands to her right.


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WAG/5HB is a showcase locomotive of BHEL, built at its Jhansi plant. The traction motors are supplied by Hitachi (HS 15250A), explaining the "H" on her classification. This one is numbered 24057, and pulls a fuel tanker train south of Okhla near New Delhi. This locomotive is homed at her birth place - Jhansi.


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The ring railway line circling New Delhi city serves to divert freight trains away from the choked lines that lead into Hazrat Nizamuddin and New Delhi railway stations. A WAG/7 power from Gomoh hauls an empty flat-car train through Delhi Safdarjang station in late February, 2001. The newly delivered LHB coaches rest in the background, awaiting trials.

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