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WAG/7 locomotives are newer entrants with a phenomenal HP rating, designed exclusively for freight operations. They usually work single, hauling long trains. This sky-blue sample is an inmate from Asansol (ASN) shed of ER, waiting for an assignment at Tuglakabad yard near New Delhi.


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A WAG5A locomotive from Ajni (AQ) shed of CR sounds a loud horn - she's ready to haul an east-bound freighter out of the Igatpuri yard. WCAG1 locomotives haul container traffic out of the JNPT terminal at Nhava-Sheva and branch off at Diva for north and east destinations. The WAGx class takes these trains over at Igatpuri.


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The 2004 Lucknow Shatabdi crosses a Delhi-bound freighter hauled by a Gomoh (GMO) WAG9. These locomotives are among the most powerful ones on Indian Railways, and with 6000HP on tap, they work single. These ADTranz-inspired WAG9s look similar to their WAP5 cousins, but have a Co-Co underframe. GMO is the only shed that houses these beasts.


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A WAG5HA locomotive pair wait with a south-bound freight train at Channasandra (CSDR) on the outskirts of Bangalore in October 2000. The train had come in with a diesel power from north and CSDR is the changeover point for the electrics to take over. From the Bangalore-Chennai trunk, the catenary conveniently winds its way into the station before deserting the rail line northwards.


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The WAG1 is a Bo-Bo locomotive, one of the pioneers of the WAG class. Locomotives are classified on the basis of the number of wheels that they possess, and whether these wheelsets are powered through motors. The WAG1 is the most preferred power for the in-bound Bittragunta Passenger as she rests at Chennai Central.


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On a day of remarkable coincidence, a BHEL-made WAG5HB with an empty rake-set races past Mukundarayapuram on the Chennai-Jolarpettai line. In the background is the BHEL Boiler Auxillary Plant, a reason that warrants the 6023 Chennai-Bangalore Express to stop here.

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