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The magnificient Indian countryside
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A massive KEB (Karnataka Electricity Board) substation stands towering above the Bangalore-Chennai line near Whitefield station. This small obscure town outside Bangalore found its place on the technology map when a massive Software Technology Park was built here in the late 90's. This town also houses SAN Engineering and Locomotive Co., who delivered NDM/6 locomotives for the Neral-Matheran line.


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Another view of the KEB substation near Whitefield. The reflection of the trees in the water presents an irresistible photo-op. This pic is shot from the speeding 2008 Mysore-Chennai Shatabdi Express. Whitefield has a huge yard for handling container rakes and freight.


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Chengalpattu near Chennai has a massive lake bordering the town. This is the view from the cab of Golden Rock YDM/4 #6044 parked in the yard. The temples and lakes surrounding the temple towns stand out among the most memorable things about Tamil Nadu.


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Many of the rivers in south India run dry during the summer months, sending the water table level well below the ground. The 6010 Mumbai Mail proceeds along the metal bridge over the dry Penner river at Tadpatri in Andhra Pradesh. This place has religious significance, with many travellers alighting at the station.


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The Andhra Pradesh countryside is largely arid - and offers few places for spotting flora and fauna. On the Guntakal-Gooty stretch, the 6011 Mumbai-Chennai express passes a small fresh-water lake that has some birds calling in for their ablutions.

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