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Bangalore lies at an elevation of almost a kilometer from sea level. To ascend to this height, the lines coming into the city have to undertake a gradual climb from the much lower plateaus. The line from Dharmavaram (DMM) to Bangalore passes through scenic valleys and this beautiful lake lies between Gauribidanur and Makalidurga. The line has some sweeping curves and the older MG line structures can be spotted at many places.


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The Sahyadri range offers breathtaking views in the months of June through September when monsoon unleashes its fury on the west coast. The Bhore Ghat line from Karjat to Lonavla passes through tunnels and viaducts in its 27 km climb, and gives the travellers of 6011 Chennai Express scenic views of wet green valleys nestled among the mountains.


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This is the view of the older Mumbai-Pune highway, as it winds its way down the Sahyadri hills to reach Khopoli. Sathe biscuits had a huge banner that was regular for many years. Now, the Mumbai-Pune expressway runs elevated over the older highway and promises to beat the Mumbai-Pune trains for time and distance.


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The passenger over-bridge straddling Bangalore City station is quite long, and spans over 10 platforms and the carriage sidings. This view is from the west end of the bridge, facing Gopalapuram and Subhash Nagar. The large amount of greenery attests Bangalore's claim to be called the Garden City.


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Khopoli is a bustling township that lies on the foothills of the Sahyadri range in Maharashtra. The third line from Lonavla to Karjat deviates sharply to the left and offers a breath-taking view of the valley. The 6012 Chennai-Mumbai Express makes a stop on the Monkey Hill flag station, offering its passengers a glimpse of life between the mountains.


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Another view of the Khopoli valley from Monkey Hill flag station on the Lonavla-Karjat section of CR. This point faces the Mumbai-Pune expressway over the hills on the left, that's turning out to be stiff competition for the train services.

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