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Self-propelled diesel vehicles for branch-lines.
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One of the odd beasts on IR's tracks - a meter-gauge railbus that does the short religious link between Mathura and Vrindavan. This one has the nomenclature YRB (meter-gauge rail bus?) 10010 (wonder what happened to her 9 elderly siblings?). We were left wondering about the origins of this vehicle - BEML(?), quite likely.


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Another view of the Mathura-Vrindavan MG YRB railbus at Mathura Junction. There is a small halt on this route called "Shri Krishna Janmasthan" - the birth-place of Lord Krishna, who went on to orchestrate the mighty mythical Mahabharata. The livery of this bus is surprisingly unique and pleasant.


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The final destination for this MG railbus is Vrindavan. This station lies 15 kilometers north of Mathura, and is simply, a single-platform dead-end terminus with no functioning points. The railbus has a single class of accomodation, with the station clerk doubling up as a train (bus?) driver.


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The Delhi gang poses in front of the YRB railbus at Vrindavan. There's Roopesh, Sandeep, Vaibhav and moi - left-to-right. Though Nikhil couldn't join us on this trip, we had many excursions together in and around New Delhi. This pic was clicked by the driver of the bus. Oh! I miss Indian Railways :(


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The cab of the YRB railbus is a single seat, no-frills affair, with a running speed of 20-30 kmph along the 15 km route. Vrindavan had a couple of sidings before, now overgrown with vegetation. The driver for this train also vends tickets at the station, and later takes on a YDM/4 hauled train from Mathura to Kasganj.

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