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The 7493 Mumbai-Tirupati Express gets detained outside Renigunta on a southward run in May '98. The reason for this detention happens to be an unavailable platform at the station. This train takes the sharp westward curve into the temple town of Tirupati, right after the station. A steady stream of devotees ensures patronage for this train. This spot marks the place where AC catenary wires adopt the line.


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The overcast sky provides a scenic backdrop for the speeding 2007 Chennai Mysore Shatabdi Express as the train zooms under the Banaswadi rail-bridge. This spot at the outskirts of Bangalore has been documented as one of the best places to spot trains. The train is early by 10 minutes, and the staff at Bangalore City station would need no reason to rush with their maintenance activities.


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The 7340 Sewagram Express decelerates through Matunga, before concluding its journey at Dadar Terminus a kilometer ahead of this spot. This train had a unique triangular connectivity chain for rake utilization - it used to travel to Kolhapur later in the evening as Mahalaxmi Express, and double up as Maharashtra Express to travel back to Nagpur. Now the cycle is broken as train end-points have changed along the chain.


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On a windy day in Jan 2001, the KR03 Dadar-Ratnagiri passenger accelerates through Sion, hauled by an Erode WDM2. The Konkan Railway is responsible to a large extent for the proliferation of Diesel locomotives in Mumbai.

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