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The 2123 Mumbai-Pune Deccan Queen ranks among the most majestic and historic trains on IR. The livery of this evening superfast had always been unique - before settling on this white-navy blue combo that got plagiarized on many other day trains. It streaks through Sion, Mumbai on its 100km non-stop run from Mumbai CST to Karjat.


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The 2004 Lucknow Shatabdi takes a forced halt in the outskirts of Kanpur. The train has an impressive run - 516 kms in under six hours with two stops - Aligarh and Kanpur. The WAP5 in charge of the train managed to reach Kanpur well ahead of time, and hence the forced detention. Anyways, its a great opportunity for nuts like us to alight and snap!


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The 2952 New Delhi-Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express means business as it blurs into the horizon on a wet evening near Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. Its orgasmic to see this train race full throttle with a WAP5 at head. There's something about a locomotive-hauled train that is missing in the self-propelled trainsets of the world today.


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Even though the Udyan Express gets two locomotive changes in its 24-hour itinerary, it cannot make most of the AC Catenary that provides cover for the last 13 kilometers of its journey. Its quite long - at 21 coaches, as seen on this sprint across Channasandra Station.


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Our wait for the Mumbai CST Mandovi Express at Tivim, Goa was extended as the Trivandrum-New Delhi Rajdhani chose this time for its weekly northward run. With single-line operation the norm and inter-station distance quite high; it takes great efforts for KR to keep prestige trains as well as normal ones adhere to the clock.


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The Shatabdi livery is 'less fun' and 'more serious' when pitted against the Rajdhani. The Chennai-Coimbatore Shatabdi Express feels like a corporate boardroom as it briefly slows down through Arrakkonam in early '98. The poor train was struck off the roster in a few months.

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