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The Patiala State Monorail was an actual commuter service, carrying passengers over a fifty-mile network in Patiala state. This was constructed in 1907, and the power (PSMT-4) was supplied by Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin. The 0-3-0 double-flange wheel arrangement rode the rail while the outer wheel was on the road to steady the train. This line was used until 1927. This train was rebuilt over the original underframe by Amritsar workshops of NR in 1976, and offers rides for tourists in the grounds of NRM, New Delhi.


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The YCG-1 class locomotives were designed to work off the 1.5 KVDC supply that was used over Madras Beach to Tambaram MG line in the early 1930s. #21900 was the first locomotive to be deputed on this line. Made by Hawthorn, Leslie & Company, England, these Bo-Bo beauties had a mechanism to change the motor connection from series to parallel at high speeds. A few locomotives of her class were made to run on unelectrified yards with a battery-pack trailer to provide power. They were retired when the line was rewired with 25 KV AC catenary after independence. This side funnily shows the number 2900.


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This is the "Joy Train" that offers an amusement-park style ride around the periphery of the National Rail Museum, New Delhi. Though she has been made to resemble a fantasy steam locomotive, motive power is by means of a petrol engine. The NRM edifice provides a backdrop in this photograph.


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This EA-1 class locomotive #4006 was christened "Sir Roger Lumley" and ran on GIPR's DC electrified tracks around Mumbai. They were later classified as WCP/1s, and have a 2-B0-1A underframe. Each driving axle was powered by two traction motors rated at 350 HP each. Built by Swiss Locomotive Works, they rest near the turntable at NRM, New Delhi.

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